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  • milo
    Sep 6, 04:53 PM
    Apple's cheapest computer= Mac Mini. Also, I was comparing that to my less then 6 month old 1.83 Ghz MBP.

    Ah, I misunderstood. Well, it shouldn't be a surprise. At some point even the $599 mini will have a chip faster than yours. That's just the way things go.

    I wonder if Apple will be able to ship a monitorless, affordable, quiet core 2 computer before a boutique vendor fills the gap. If so, no mac for me!

    There's a good reason apple didn't go Core2 on the would make it too close to the new minitower they'll be announcing soon!

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  • appleboy
    Mar 21, 08:32 AM
    Apple actually did have a plan to enter the low end market but jobs scrapped it. They were going to make a deal with ibm a make atx form factor motherboard with no expansion slots and a soldered in g3 cpu that could support ps2 keyboards and mice. The idea was to sell it with osx 10.2 no ilife or apple works for 100 bucks so people could build there own low end mac compatible computer and when they upgraded to 10.3 and bought ilife apple would make a great deal of profit on them. Jobs decided if they did this it would cheapen the apple name and hurt the companies image.

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  • mazola
    Jul 19, 11:58 PM
    So will there be any surprises at WWDC?

    They weren't very clear...

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Aug 29, 11:31 AM
    My dream mini has a HD-DVD player, HDMI/DVI out, optical audio out (mainly important for those that want to connect to a surround sound receiver) and add some Netflix-like movie download subscription service added to iTunes. Put those together with space for a 3.5" hard drive and run Front Row 2.0 and I'd be psyched.

    I really want the Mac Mini to be a basic TV hub device. It doesn't have to have a DVR, cable card slots or TV tuners built-in. Sure, if Apple could build an all-in-one box that's better than my HR10-250 (HD Tivo for DirecTV) or the upcoming Series 3 from Tivo that would be great. But for now I'd be happy with one box for TV watching (HR10-250) and one box for everything else (DVDs, music, movie downloading, casual web surfing).
    I would like to see a "media center" with a basic built-in TV-tuner so I could use it as a TIVO. It cant be that hard to add a TV-tuner...

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  • aiqw9182
    Mar 24, 02:50 PM
    OpenCL are COMPUTE tasks. If you can't do them on the GPU, you would need a HUGELY powerful CPU. That's why having true OpenCL means you have a better "CPU".

    In one or two months after Bobcat Fusion was introduced there are already 50 Fusion-oriented Windows apps.

    I'm not taking about DirectX 11 concerning games, but concerning OpenCL.

    OpenCL /DirectCompute are COMPUTE tasks that hardly anything currently supports(both of which support hardware before DX11, completely eradicating the point of even bringing that up in the first place). You do not have a better CPU. In theory and vaporware tests you could outperform Sandy Bridge by itself. But Sandy Bridge with a discrete GPU will smoke Llano with a discrete GPU any day of the week.

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  • k995
    Apr 23, 03:17 AM
    you can turn off the GPS in a phone and most people assume that when you do it stops tracking you yet as it already been shown it just starts storing info base the cell towers.

    I just do not like the fact you can not opt out of it. It just feels wrong to me.

    Not just wrong but probably illegal in several countries.

    My own country belgium for example its illegal to store such data without consent of the person itself.

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  • SheriffParker
    Jan 10, 09:24 PM
    can some body put as link to like a pic of a zoone

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  • mckvakk
    Feb 24, 04:54 PM
    My rather cramped set up.
    I will buy a new, twice as wide desk as soon as i can get someone to help me transport it from IKEA:p

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  • MacinDoc
    Jan 2, 09:11 AM
    Already posted on another thread, just re-posted here for ease of reference, my predictions for MWSF '07:

    1. iTV details/specs, to be released by March. Alongside iTV will be non-Disney movies at the iTunes store and support for pre-N wireless in the current MacBooks and MBPs. All other Macs to be updated to include pre-N by March.

    2. New displays, likely with integrated iSight.

    3. "Secret" features of OS X 10.5 revealed. To be released in the first half of 2007 (actual release date to be in June, but Apple will not announce this until April).

    4. iWork '07 with spreadsheet app.

    5. iLife '07 will not be introduced until the Apple phone arrives, since features of the phone will be supported in iLife. Furthermore, no phone at MWSF; look for it in May instead.

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  • hellomoto4
    Apr 1, 12:32 AM
    New mute image:

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  • kungming2
    Jan 12, 01:15 PM
    Why do some posters have problems with a consumer notebook having an Alu finish? Is the iMac not a consumer product?

    People will always have problems with whatever Apple does.

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  • danielwsmithee
    Nov 27, 03:28 PM
    If Apple wasn't satisfied with the number of units they were moving, and had a markup far above their (real) competitors, I would think Apple would lower it's prices, don't you? That would be the only way to make money if they weren't actually selling the monitors.Exactly that is why Apple needs a refresh to the prices. We both see eye-to-eye on the quality of their product and it's superiority. I'm just stating that their prices are stale and need a refresh. Something on the order of $499 (20"), $899 (23"), and $1699 (30").

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  • ErikGrim
    Mar 31, 07:15 PM
    Is Safari still buggy as feck? Can you drag images out and not have them be .weblocs? Is google maps working properly without tile distortions/not loading?

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  • twoodcc
    Dec 27, 09:26 AM
    It worked...

    just enough points to take 4th place back (at least temporarily)


    nice. glad it worked for you!

    and congrats to mc68k for 9 million points!

    and congrats to whiterabbit for 5 million points!

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  • k8to
    Sep 6, 04:00 PM
    No EMT64, no biscuit.

    I wonder if Apple will be able to ship a monitorless, affordable, quiet core 2 computer before a boutique vendor fills the gap. If so, no mac for me!

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  • heffemonkeyman
    Sep 6, 08:11 PM
    Too expensive if you ask me. In the cinema I pay $2 for a not so new movie (1/2 year old?), indie stuff/classics/etc. costs $4, new big movies $5.

    What planet are you on?

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  • jharv
    Nov 26, 03:04 PM


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  • Micjose
    Mar 22, 04:52 PM
    This is great for large quantities of uncompressed music. Totally would get one if it did have that much more space.

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  • maverick808
    Oct 23, 10:00 PM
    Does anyone really think Apple would do a major hardware update without a press conference of any kind?

    Depends what you mean by major hardware update.

    The iMac was updated without a press conference of any kind. That update included C2D, brand new larger screen model, FW800, much better video cards (at least as an option) and better speakers. I'd call the release of an entirely new model (the 24"), and processor and other updates across the line, a major hardware update. And that happened with no conference of any kind.

    The MacBook (non pro) was released without any event or conference. That update included a completely new enclosure, new processor architecture (and obviously new CPU), increased screen resolution, brightness... well, it was a whole new machine. And again... no press conference.

    I'd call that a major hardware update. I guess you must have a different definition of major hardware update... although I can't think what could be more major than the silent MacBook release, which was a completely new machine.

    Sep 12, 06:19 PM
    I got Night Sky (very dark blue).

    Man, I would have picked that one up immediately! I cannot believe those were the only 3 colors mine had, I'm gonna try the other BB tomorrow.

    So how do you like it? Does it seem like it would last?

    Apr 24, 11:48 AM
    No one should freak out and panic just yet, I'm sure apple has a logical explanation behind this.

    Sure they do, like "we forgot to delete older data". Really, LocationServices doesn't need a 1 year old log of data. Nothing a software update to clean out older entries can't fix.

    Sep 6, 07:44 PM
    $19.99 for a downloaded movie, that's absolutely ridiculous. There is no way I would ever pay that much when I can go buy a new release DVD for $12-14.99. Amazon's service will fail, especially if Apple does indeed release a Movie Store.

    I'm not a fan of $14.99 either, but it's a little more reasonable.

    Of course all of this depends on the quality and if you can burn it.

    Six more days. :)

    Jul 14, 11:01 AM
    I went to my local MicroCenter a few days ago & saw BluRay movies (XXX, Underworld: Evolution, Hitch, and 1 or 2 more) so there ARE movies out for it. Each was worth $29.99 USD so they're gonna be expensive.

    I'm just going to wait a while until either BluRay or HD-DVD win out. I'm sure this is going to be like the VHS vs. Betamax thing. I remember hearing that while BluRay can hold more data, movie studios would have to buy totally new equipment to burn them. HD-DVD, however, while having a lower capacity, the studios would only have to make minor adjustments. But don't quote me on that.

    If I had the money (which I don't), I'd really like to get the top of the line Mac Pro w/ all the bells & whistles when Apple ships Leopard and build my own windows computer when (if?) Windows Xista ships. I saw a full tower case w/ 5 external 5.25" bays, 2 3.5" external & 5 internal bays. I'd like to get a DVD-burner, a BluRay burner, an HD-DVD burner and a CD-RW. Probably an Nvidia mobo, 2 ATI high-end workstation graphics card (if they work w/ nvidia's sli), a Soundblaster X-Fi w/ the 3.5" bay thing, a memory card reader for the other external 3.5" bay. Then a Western Digital Raptor 10,000 RPM 150GB drive and 4 Seagate 750 GB drives and as many of Apple's 30" displays it can handle (or whatever the biggest, fastest stuff is out then). :D

    Sep 1, 03:09 PM
    Going to 23 inches will make the imac even more UNatractive to many people. Now in a few years when you need to upgrade insted of throwing away an expensive 20" LCD screen yu will be throwing away a VERY expensive LCD screen.

    What I want is a little box like the Mini but larger that has the iMac parts inside. A full sized disk, 64-bit memron, lots of RAM slots and a good GPU.

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