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  • yg17
    Apr 25, 09:15 AM
    It should work if you do it this way...

    Clever ;)

    Although I'm personally not a fan of using URL shorteners on forums where there's no character limit, I like seeing what website I'm about to go to, especially since I browse MR while at work. I don't want to click on a bit.ly link that takes me to supersexynakedbabeswithbigtits.com ;)

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  • freewebsites
    Nov 11, 02:30 PM
    Iphone is still the best!

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  • MorphingDragon
    Apr 15, 04:35 PM
    zimbra, pop/imap

    Yes, it also supports other standards.

    what a joke. firewall guys, we want email on our phones. we need to open the firewall on a few more ports

    exchange is database based which makes it easier and cheaper to manage it

    That makes little sense whatsoever.

    the base product is free but once you start buying add ons like archiving it's a lot more expensive than exchange. and other features that require MS outlook, contacts sync and iphone/mobile are not free. major fail and will cost just as much if not more than MS exchange once you compare apple's to apples

    VMWare don't sell addons or a base product. They have an OSE edition to meet the GPL requirements and paid versions. Zimlets are created by the community.

    Even with the full VMWAre Appliance or Collaboration edition its still cheaper than exchange.

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  • scott523
    Nov 2, 12:14 PM
    Hehe at this rate of increase, Bill Gates and his gang in Redmond, WA should be worried now. :D :p

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  • HyperZboy
    Apr 5, 08:02 PM
    That must mean I'm not normal. :D

    Is there really anyone normal on tech/geek websites like Macrumors, etc.?

    :: ducks ::


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  • Gregg2
    Apr 27, 09:04 PM
    To me, your user name perfectly sums up the risk of messing with your Dock. There are all kinds of threads on this forum from (usually novice) users who run into big headaches from doing what you propose to do. If you were an expert user, you wouldn't be asking this, you'd know what to do and what not to do.

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  • inkswamp
    Mar 27, 01:01 PM
    I take it none of you seem to remember this:


    Not only do I remember it, I turned it into a comic.

    http://farm1.static.flickr.com/183/398284231_ff6d39df44_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/inkswamp/398284231/)

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  • rdowns
    Apr 5, 09:05 AM
    Oh my, what a conundrum for the fan boys. On one hand, CR loves the iPad and Apple's customer service but on the other hand, we have the iPhone 4. :D

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  • dcv
    Sep 13, 11:49 AM
    So you re telling me I most likely won't even be able to have a cab take me home - my partner has to work, can't get out of it.

    I'm afraid I'm going to be puking all over the place.

    I'm weird. They are going to cut a 6-inch hole in my back and remove one of my lamina and a disc, and I'm worried about anesthesia.


    six-inch hole? :eek: *ouch* (sorry not helping am i)

    really there is nothing to worry about at all, you'll be in very safe hands and you should feel fine afterwards, just probably a little sleepy and possibly nauseous (though not in all cases). they do strongly recommend that you have someone come and collect you after a general anaesthetic just to be safe.

    my experience of GA is just from a very short operation - i had an arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) on my knee a few years ago. i remember being on the trolley outside theatre and was amazed at how easily the anaesthetist stuck the cannula in my arm and how painless the process was... all previous history of blood tests etc has involved much painful prodding and poking to find a vein! i wasn't asked to count down or anything, all i can remember is saying 'oooh i feel all funny' - someone here described it as a dreamy sort of state which is pretty accurate, you sort of feel a bit faint - and the next thing i knew i was waking up after the op.

    apparently people say strange things when they are coming around after a GA. one of the nurses was pulling a plaster strip off and said 'this might hurt' and i vaguely remember mumbling something about it not being as painful as bikini waxing, LOL!!!

    i felt fine afterwards, in fact surprisingly perky especially as i'd been up really early that morning. but then pretty tired later on in the day. i hadn't actually been under for very long though.

    all in all, don't worry about it, you'll be fine :) good luck with the op!

    i've got a video of my arthroscopy somewhere...

    edit: actually by far the worst thing about the whole op was having to wear big granny-style paper knickers!!! :eek: :o :D

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  • Adam-
    Apr 5, 11:15 AM
    Also For a 5th gen leaked ipod its pretty beaten up. I mean if i had somehow got a prototype i would keep it in a glass cabinet surrounded with cushions to stop it getting beat up. And wouldn't it run iOS5 if its the fifth generation? so why doesn't he tell us about that?

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  • Jolly Giant
    Apr 12, 08:14 AM
    but how would one run Casper when restoring the Windows partition?

    since i'm not allowing any M$ crapola near my Macs, i have to admit i never tried it myself.

    however, it would seem the app has worked for some. there are additional options available. click here (http://discussions.apple.com/search.jspa?objID=c237&search=Go&q=casper) for information :D

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  • sehix
    Sep 27, 01:36 PM
    They Can Aways Resort To, Etc.

    Nah, if they need to go past 10.7.9, they can go for 10.7.10, 10.7.11 .. 10.7.93 or whatever.

    The numbering scheme just looks like it's base 10. It ain't.

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  • Kilamite
    Oct 6, 10:32 AM
    No, I'm not talking about MP3 players I'm talking about phones. Nokia and Sony Ericsson, for example, is losing market share while Apple is gaining it from them.

    Yes, but your point was that Apple will fail like other manufactures if they introduce different form factors. That isn't the case with the iPod selection.

    Your point doesn't really hold much ground.

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  • Hattig
    Apr 6, 06:45 AM
    Headset jack was removed, so had to buy a USB headset for example.

    He just needed to buy a 3.5mm combo-jack to dual-jack adaptor. Probably under a dollar.

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 12, 10:26 PM
    Do not take it wrong, the English was not correct, he wanted a translation, but he asked what did the woman say.

    Well, then, let me make you happy. You're going to be the last person of the day, so why not... :)

    With regards to aforementioned website containing a video clip of a Japanese woman demonstrating a stunningly simple technique wherein in three rapid moves she folds a t-shirt to a certain predefined size and shape;

    AND WHEREAS she gives a narration of the process in the Japanese language;

    AND WHEREAS MikeTheC is not literate in Japanese and therefore cannot make any direct use or sense of the spoken Japanese instructions;

    AND WHEREAS this thread, having nothing really to do with the ancient Japanese art of folding t-shirts, but yet heavily discussing Japanese commercials and Apple's renewed presence in them;

    I would humbly request that, should someone here have an over-abundance of time on their hands, time which is of such sufficient abundance that they cannot otherwise fill it, and is suitably and/or sufficiently bored, AND who happens to be fluent in Japanese, if it would please or in some small way entertain you, please enter by way of the standard electronic form, written in English, the substance of what the afore-referenced Japanese instructor said as she gave the afore-mentioned and afore-referenced instructions in Japanese.

    Thank you.

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  • GimmeSlack12
    Apr 12, 01:04 PM
    Pages and Number are TRASH compared to Word and Excel(especially excel)

    (especially excel on Windows)

    Sorry, Mac Office blows.

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  • ImAlwaysRight
    Sep 25, 11:21 AM
    It says "MacBook" updates at this event. I hope that wasn't a typo! :eek: :D
    It is not a typo, but look at the full statement: There have been rumors of Aperture updates and possibly MacBook updates at this event.
    You have neglected two key words, "rumors" and "possibly." Those two words in combination like that shouldn't get your hopes up that much for a MacBook update. :(

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  • JAT
    May 3, 05:10 AM
    It's pretty clear that the lens is in a deeper "well" in the white model. This is consistent with the rumor that light was impinging on the camera in the white model. What you need to do is limit all light that isn't coming from directly in front of the lens. No light from the side, and definitely no light from the inside of the camera. The way to fight it if you have an SLR? Invest in an old fashioned thing called a bellows, which shields the lens from any light that isn't coming from the area you can focus on, and which doesn't do anything but add glare or make blacks in the picture more like dark gray. This deeper camera acts like a bellows, I presume, blocking any light coming through the white, more translucent body.
    As mentioned, a bellows does not surround a lens, it is a means to alter magnification. In fact, a bellows (or the portion of a modern macro lens that is equivalent to a bellows) will not have any lens elements in it at all.
    I believe that's also what the little aluminum trim ring around the camera sensor is used for too to block out the light from the translucent body and the LED flash. The prototype iPhone 4 never had that ring I believe.
    It's all just ridiculous. The lens blocks light itself. No lens is simply glass, it would never work at all, who would make such a stupid product? How would it hold together? A lens, esp in the case of a large SLR lens, is many glass/plastic elements. Here's a standard lens (http://www.sigmaphoto.com/shop/50mm-f14-ex-dg-hsm-sigma), look at the diagram at the bottom of the 8 elements and the positioning. (and there must be at least 2 in the iPhone lens) They have to be held in their respective positions by something around the outside. The suggestions of "light leakage" imply that the surrounding material would have to be translucent....what, more glass? Transparent aluminum? :rolleyes: The photo in the OP clearly shows black plastic and silver metal as the lens surround, independent from the rest of the phone or the color of the phone.

    Look at that picture. The lens on the left has more plastic in it, which I suppose could block light more easily than less, but that's the one from a black phone. Shouldn't it be the other way around for this theory to have any teeth at all? It's probably just a newly or differently sourced lens, and if they took apart new black phones they'd find the same newer one in some of those.

    The thickness issue is within manufacturing tolerances, I would guess. Again, if we could measure each and every brand new phone, we'd no doubt be able to find a black one that is thicker than a white one. This is the problem for case makers, always has been. What no one is thinking about is the size of the cases, those also will have some size variation within the same model line.

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  • dernhelm
    Mar 24, 02:04 PM
    I think Steve would take issue with that statement.

    Being a CEO doesn't mean you own the company.

    I support veterans and families, they risk their lives and the government screws them over, but I cannot condone the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    Did you vote for Barack Obama? He supports the violence in Afghanistan, he even increased it.

    But back on topic. I think it's smart for the military to review the kit they are deploying down to the soldiers on the ground. They should be doing that far more often than they do. But you can't read too much into it. The Army especially requires a lot of kit of the type that Apple currently doesn't sell (PCs in the category of the Panasonic Toughbooks for example).

    May 26, 12:10 AM
    Originally posted by Ryan1524
    i'm just curious about all the people that stated how PCs are troublesome when we're adding hardwares. after i installed XP, i did not even installed any driver and everything was recognized as soon as i plugged them in and working in no time, from keyboards, mouses, to routers, scanners, graphics cards, printers, digital cameras. i had the drivers ready, expecting the onslaught of hardware setup wizard typical of 98, but instead, there's the little pop up box near the system tray that stated that these hardwares have been recognized, drivers installed, and ready for use. and sure enough, they are. as for the hardware incompatibilities, remember that PC hardwares and softwares are made by two different companies, while any apple computers ae assembled and prepared by on company who manufactured both. therefore, they KNOW what their software needs in order for them to work perfectly.

    I use Macs and PCs (running XP and NT) on a regular basis. Hardware recognition ("Plug and Play") is definitely better on the Mac. However, agree almost 100% with you that Windows XP has gotten much better in recognizing hardware. Through continued industry standardization, Windows is bound to get better with recognizing hardware.

    Cheffy Dave
    Apr 12, 06:42 PM
    I have the first gen, Mysore has the second gen, we LOVE them:eek:

    Sep 16, 06:30 AM
    Originally posted by jefhatfield

    i hope by the time pentium 5 hits the shelves, there will be a G5 on the shelves

    btw, igav, i see that you are on akira's site...i should go there and join up and give the old alphatech a hard time...i miss alphatech and his intelligent comments...even when he gets unintelligent and flames newbies:eek: :p ;)

    I would think that by the time Intel do inflict the P5 upon that we'll be if not running machines with Apples next generation PPC at that time, then they'll be right around the corner......

    And yep I joined akira's site...... although I won't be using it like I do mr...... and as akira said, it's not a rumour site, it's a discussion and problem site about current technical issues and hardware and software...... I thought Alphatech was funny...... sure he sometimes got a little heated, but there was alot of people that deserved it, and hey it spiced things up...... :p

    He seem alot more chilled over at his site..... so that's cool.... :)

    P.S It's good to have you back Jef....... ;) :)

    May 2, 01:22 PM
    It's just that black is slimming. ;)

    ...too bad it doesnt work for Bob :(


    Nov 11, 10:41 PM
    Yes, there is.

    You got a problem wit' that? :rolleyes:

    Why does everyone get so sensitive whenever someone points out a difference in race, culture, etc? It's not like someone said "That <insert racial slur here> can't even say iLife right! What a retard!" Everyone wants to be different and unique, but no one can handle their differences pointed out in a humorous way.

    Yes, it is funny when a Japanese person tries to make the "L" sound and it comes out sounding like an "R", just as it would be equally funny for me to completely bork the Japanese language while attempting to speak it.

    Like freeny said, lighten up. We're laughing with you, unless you can't laugh at yourself, then you're just getting laughed at.

    Gee, you weren't laughing while you wrote this, were you? So pushy and heavy-handed while preaching us to "Lighten up," it is so... American :p

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