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  • majidf
    Oct 24, 06:21 AM
    ... not really reliable method was used ...

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  • Braz0s
    Mar 22, 10:22 PM
    Haven't read all the comments so plz excuse if mentioned...
    Plz put a mono switch on it like the new Nano. My wife is a Rubella baby so she's totally deaf in one ear. That mono switch really helped.
    And it's software only - it should have always been there!

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  • !� V �!
    Apr 26, 03:01 PM
    It is my understanding that "Application Store" is a generic term, however "App Store" could be considered a trademark even though it is an abbreviation of the former.

    I am not saying that :apple: is right or Microsoft and Amazon is right, I am looking at this as what the term generic means. Having an abbreviation of a generic term might mean :apple: has a case, then again its a grey area.

    My prediction, the Judge will simple inform Microsoft and Amazon and Others to change it to "Application Store" and all will be well.

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  • Jamesta
    Oct 17, 09:58 PM
    here's a case i bought off of ebay for 2 dollars. pretty plain

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  • 0815
    Apr 19, 12:23 PM
    Honestly with the new Quad Core MBP lineup it makes much more sense to get a monitor and add it to your notebook than to get an iMac. (Unless you really need 16GB of ram vs 8GB).

    I can see one day only having the Mac Pro for those of use that need one (video editing, digital creation etc) and the high-powered MBP for those who don't want a tower.

    You are absolut right. There are fewer and fewer reasons to get a desktop. Internal storage options and main memory are the remaining main reasons - otherwise, laptops got so powerful that they can act desktop replacement. I still like to have my iMac (and will get a new one), but guess I'm a bit 'old fashioned' here - I also have a MacBook Pro and can do everything there that I can do on my iMac.

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  • ShiftClick
    Apr 12, 10:24 PM
    Not true. If you buy a Mac-app or iOS app all the updates for that version are free. A new version is a whole new program that must be bought again on both platforms.

    What confuses you is that most iOS developers have decided to just keep updating their first version forever and not come out with a whole new version because they've decided that makes more sense on a smart phone than it does on a desktop machine.

    But that's a business decision, not a technical one. A developer could do it either way on either platform.

    MLB AtBat comes to mind, its been a purchase each year.

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  • Ashtangi
    Aug 29, 09:52 AM
    As a few have already mentioned - there would have to be some price adjustments. Right now, the Core Duo commands a $200 premium over the Core Solo. But assuming that the "new" lineup consists of a 1.66 and 1.83 Core Duo, Apple would either have to seriously adjust the price points - or majorly strip down the 1.66 Core Duo. Perhaps remove the combo drive? Or use the smaller HD?

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  • -aggie-
    Sep 14, 09:21 AM
    Consumer Reports says "we still think the same thing" for the third time and that's first page news? Sounds more like they're fishing for free publicity.

    Anyway, when a reviewing organization "doesn't recommend" what I consider the best phone I've ever owned, it sounds more like I shouldn't bother paying attention to that reviewing organization. Their taste just isn't relevant to mine.

    This is exactly what I thought when I read the OP. They stated they couldn't recommend the iPhone 4, even if it had bumpers, and now without bumpers they can't recommend it, because it won't have bumpers.

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  • Hairball
    Apr 2, 07:45 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    This is simply an amazing ad.

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  • drewsof07
    Nov 24, 08:13 AM
    ASK and you shall receive!!

    28,530 posts!! see original post!!

    What recession?

    Yay Capitalism! hahaha :p

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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 2, 08:45 PM
    I believe! But I'm still not buying one.

    "This is what we believe. Technology alone is not enough. Faster, thinner, lighter...those are all good things. But when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful...even magical very nice. That's when you leap forward. That's when you end up with something like this."

    The iPad IS Magic.

    Steve jobs said so...

    And he's God!

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  • alecmcmahon
    Feb 1, 09:10 AM
    my rides

    2010 dodge ram 1500 hemi

    99 jeep wrangler

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  • baddj
    Apr 2, 07:32 PM
    Love this ad makes me want to buy one. only if there was stock on Australia.

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  • Ashtangi
    Sep 6, 10:33 AM
    Please explain to me who would buy a mini and why?
    I just don't get it when a imac is close in price with a monitor.
    What am I missing?

    People who already have an LCD. If you already have a 19" or 20" LCD, why would you want to replace it with a 17" LCD?

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 27, 06:20 AM
    As far as I know the "App Store" trademark hasn't been granted to Apple yet, therefore Amazon can use it for now. On the other hand Apple just cannot sit there and do nothing about it, they must deffend the trademark they are trying to register even if it hasn't been registered yet.

    They should also be careful with their quotes in their financials. Tim Cook in the last conference call basically gave Microsoft and Amazon ammunition when he said things "We have the largest app store", making the term quite generic and descriptive. This doesn't help their case at all.

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  • balamw
    Sep 6, 06:42 PM
    This brings up another point. There are a lot of "hackers" out there who, I would think, wouldn't have a lot of difficulty breaking encryption or copy protection on the possible movie rentals from iTunes. I think that would be another reason Apple would avoid rentals.
    Don't be so sure. The iTunes 6 audio DRM has only just been broken after almost 11 months of fervent effort, and as far as I know the video DRM has yet to be broken.

    Just in time for iTunes 7. :p.

    The current DRMed files are useless when backed up to a DVD unless you have the correct iTMS username/password.


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  • bobsentell
    May 2, 04:53 PM
    I wonder if this means MacOS will end up with iOS-style "multi-tasking."

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  • Hraggleblarg
    Sep 29, 10:41 PM
    Every time I go by CR's reviews, I make a terrible purchase... I wonder what that says.

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  • RayLancer
    Sep 24, 05:24 PM
    I'm looking at getting:


    2nd one is a wholesale, I asked the seller what it was. Apparently it doesn't come with the retail box... They're both from California which made it very attractive.

    Jan 30, 01:06 AM
    ^^^ I never got to do THAT in my Quattro. I'm quite jealous. I had planned on going to Tahoe....but as usual things in life happen. Instead I got to drag around 300lbs of extra weight and see how bad the 50/50 split pushes in AutoX events;) (to be fair, as there is no RWD Audi, the FWD pushes just as bad and is not any quicker or better handling on asphalt) I sure do miss the nicer interior of the Audi:rolleyes:

    Oct 17, 11:48 PM
    I don't know of anyone having a problem with the new iphone! I know that it is possible to make the reception problem happen, but I could also "make" reception problems happen on every cell phone I've ever owned.

    Does Consumer Reports stop recommending automobile purchases? Because you know if there is an issue with a car, the manufacturer will issue a recall. If you are affected, you have to take it into a dealer where it will be fixed. The onus is on the owner of the car, for crying out loud! The auto manufacturers should go house to house providing the fix for free to all cars, whether their owners report a problem or not!

    Wait, you mean Consumer Reports does not hold the auto manufacturers to the same artificial standard they hold Apple to? How amazing...

    Apr 21, 07:13 AM
    You're forgetting that if the iMac user was shunting video to a big-screen TV via HDMI, the user might want to keep that port for that. Would leave the Thunderbolt port for other devices that they might want to keep plugged in without having to swap.

    Not all of us want to plug and unplug...plug and unplug

    Thunderbolt is daisy chain-able. Now I give HDMI *in* a 1% chance on the 27" model since Apple sold a few on the virtue of the Mini-DP in on that model. However, HDMI costs Apple money and it is more likely you'll see Thunderbolt capable of turning the internal display into an external display for another device, or perhaps, TWO thunderbolt ports with said functionality.

    I give the two thunderbolt ports a 2-3% chance but for me that's worth dreaming about.

    Sep 7, 02:52 PM
    I have been a Mac user since 1986. I'm not a superuser or a gamer, but the one thing I have learned is to avoid models with too much built-in obsolescence (e.g. my old firewire-less, low-resolution clamshell iBook and the late-model CD-burner-less white iBook G3 that replaced it, not to mention the Powerbook 150 [agh!], Mac Classic [aaagggh!], etc.). Except for the lack of built-in DVD capability, the lampshade 700 MHZ G4 iMac has been a great investment.

    So here is my question. Are the $599 mini and $999 iMac going to become obsolete much faster than the $1199 iMac? Do the dedicated video RAM and Core 2 Duo (iMacs) make much of difference? I already have an external DVD burner and plan to buy 2GB RAM.

    Aug 7, 06:42 AM
    In addition to printing and font management, how bout adding to the list networking access. The way one accesses networks in Windows seems much more straight forward, consistent, clean and intuitive in Windows XP than it does in OS X. That's my oppinion anyway. Maybe that's just me. Anyone else agree???

    I agree about the SMB shared volume connection thingy. It should be just like browsing a normal folder. It shouldn't mount it as a drive, unless you ask it to (like a network drive in Windows).

    This seems like a much more logical way of doing things...

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