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Sarah Palin Bikini Photo

Sarah Palin Bikini Photo. Sarah Palin Bikini Fail
  • Sarah Palin Bikini Fail

  • Macula
    Oct 23, 11:14 PM
    Why NAND?

    Because I am just obsessed with system responsiveness. I can tolerate things like slow peripheral throughput or a less than stellar GPU, but hiccups and delays are such a turnoff! I would be relieved to see applications load 30-50% faster, with all their components instantly fetched, and with lightning fast task-switching.

    Besides, NAND-supported computers is a paradigmatic shift of sorts and, as such, a very exciting prospect.

    I just hope NAND is included in the first generation of Santa-Rosa iMacs and laptops!

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  • Father Jack
    Jan 12, 04:27 AM
    Maybe Apple's poster actually says more but we can't see the bottom?

    Something like: "There's something in the air... blow it out your ass Microsoft" :p
    Now that would be cool .. :cool:

    Sarah Palin Bikini Photo. of Sarah Palin in a ikini
  • of Sarah Palin in a ikini

  • MBX
    Jan 12, 11:22 AM
    I figured out the secret air message!

    What falls out of the air? ... Apple (s)


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  • Leet Apple
    Feb 28, 12:37 PM

    How do i get that screensaver on my MBP

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  • zwilliams07
    Jul 14, 10:23 AM
    Faster processors, I'll take those of course. Blu-Ray? Hell no, I don't want that turd. Pretty much every format Sony has ever come up with is dead, just look at the UMD now, its a joke.

    I'll pass on that MPAA sponsored DRM ladden expensive dog turd.

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  • If Palin#39;s applications are

  • Doctor Q
    Nov 29, 04:20 PM
    the analyst also believes the iTV will have advanced user interface software to further the ultimate goal of improving user experience and simplifying consumers' use of content.Maybe during boring movie credits the iTV will switch the display to a Visualizer, like the one in iTunes, or automatically change all commercials into Get A Mac ads.

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  • snopes.com: Sarah Palin Photos

  • nimbuscloud
    Jan 12, 03:11 PM
    iTunes Rentals ... snatch them out of the thin air to your new AppleTV is much more logical.

    No it's not. The AppleTV already has wireless capabilities. If iTunes Rentals is launched, it'd be common sense for it to also be able to be used wirelessly.

    Think Different, sheesh.


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  • mdelaney123
    Oct 23, 07:04 PM

    hope that's true, but I also hope the 17 will be updated at the same time.

    I had a 17" MacBook Pro and I ended up selling it... I use it as a passenger in a car every day and the lid is so big, combined with the hing being loose (compared to a 15") that every bump in the road, the lid would close!!!

    So... I too and hoping for an updated 15" tomorrow... PLEASE let there be a new GPU !!!

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  • Sarah Palin… the most

  • danielwsmithee
    Nov 27, 03:28 PM
    If Apple wasn't satisfied with the number of units they were moving, and had a markup far above their (real) competitors, I would think Apple would lower it's prices, don't you? That would be the only way to make money if they weren't actually selling the monitors.Exactly that is why Apple needs a refresh to the prices. We both see eye-to-eye on the quality of their product and it's superiority. I'm just stating that their prices are stale and need a refresh. Something on the order of $499 (20"), $899 (23"), and $1699 (30").

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  • tlinford
    Mar 7, 08:35 AM
    Diesel engines are excellent although it in worth considering one drawback and that is the freezing point of diesel fuel....

    I drive a Jeep Liberty 2.8 CRD (common rail diesel) which is not available in the States so I understand. The fuel economy is great, mine in an auto and I get all round 30 mpg's in euro terms this isn't too great as most small cars do around 38-40 mpg if petrol 50+ mpg's in diesel, but these are cars that weigh nothing!

    I love the Jeep, especially the diesel because it gives the truck gravitas! but diesel fuel freezes at around -15 degs C... In the UK is hardly every gets this cold (although I did have one day this winter when the Jeep wouldn't start because it was -18!)... In the UK we don't have engine block heaters in the UK, so I am not sure if it would be possible to cold proof?

    just be aware!

    Someone said about diesel engines coming from single sources... this is because these engines are complicated to design and build and it's cheaper for car makers to go to the experts..... the one I have in the Jeep is a VM Motori and Italian engine based on one they put in London Black cabs! bullet proof engine!

    Sarah Palin Bikini Photo. sarah palin in a ikini
  • sarah palin in a ikini

  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Sep 7, 03:28 AM
    Dude, the MBP was updated in late April of this year, why would you think it'll be updated four and a half months later??

    Because Apple is no longer in a hardware reality distortion field.
    Because the MBP is a part of a Pro line, and the consumer iMacs have merom.
    Because merom easily swaps in place of yonah at the same price.

    I'm hopeful for the new MBP rev. They could have introduced C2D MBPs today - why didn't they? Maybe they're doing more than just a processor change, which might be why the iMacs got their update first. (Apart from the 24'' iMac, the rest of the iMac line is largely untouched.)

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  • mdriftmeyer
    Apr 2, 10:47 PM
    Since so many of the units purchased in the last two weeks are destined for resale overseas (read the Asian scalper threads) have not even made it into the hands of the end-user, you have no idea how many will be returned.

    No need to thank me for pointing out the obvious to you and your fellow apologists.

    When Apple has their Quarterly press conference expect the iPad 2 to list 4+ million or more sales with back orders in the millions.

    The return rate of all Apple products, across all of their hardware lines are lowest in the entire industry.

    The iPhone 4 fiasco had a return rate half of that of the iPhone 3GS that everyone loved.

    iPad return rate is at 2%: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-20030211-37.html

    Look to that being at or lower for the iPad 2.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 21, 02:36 PM
    Twitter (http://twitter.com/ShababLibya) is informative, but after 42 years of impotence, normal service cannot be resumed instantaneously. The prospects seem remarkably good, though, that what emerges from this will be an unusually honest democracy.

    I hope so, but the next question is how long Libya will have miultiple governments, and under what conditions the rebels recieve official international recognition.

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  • quagmire
    Feb 22, 10:14 PM
    I thought anything with a GVWR of over 10k lbs was exempt from those standards. I know they are exempt from CAFE fuel economy standards.

    They are exempt from CAFE( since HD's are supposed to be work trucks and all), but they are required to meet the new diesel emissions laws.

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  • Plymouthbreezer
    Sep 1, 03:11 PM
    This would give me a lovely reason to ask for a nice 20" iMac for Christmas!

    My 1GHz G4 iMac is starting to show its age!

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  • pmd
    Nov 30, 07:50 AM
    How do you record channel 105 from 5:30PM to 6:30PM on Friday? Damn...that would take forever with 4 buttons.

    I assume you've not used a TiVo then? The TiVo interface allows you to set manual channel and time recordings with just up,down,left,right and select, which is exactly what the Apple Remote has. It works just fine.

    But on the TiVo, you rarely need to make a recording like that - you just select the program in the guide.

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  • cublah
    Mar 25, 08:43 PM
    so you can connect the ipad 2 to your TV and you can use an iPod touch or iPhone as the controller, no cable required :) I believe there are one or 2 games that use the iPhone as a controller on the iPad. I believe Chopper 2 is one of them.


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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 21, 03:31 PM
    I don't think there will be any conditions: at some point, effective authority will simply be seen to reside with them, rather than Daffy the Duck, and at that point, they will become the de facto recognised representatives.

    That is my thinking as well. I wonder what the Arab League's stance on this will be. They certainly have little love for Gaddafi, but they dread revolutions of any kind. The Libyan opposition seem committed to a parlimentary democracy that would be popularly supported, and that is heartening. There is a real opportunity here for a reasonably good outcome from a political standpoint.

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  • JohnHummel
    Jul 20, 10:17 AM
    There are more details here - http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/060719/sfw089.html?.v=60

    At the end of the page is a breakdown in the sales figures.

    Desktop sales are down 14% on last quarter, and 23% on a year ago, but laptop sales are up a whopping 60% on last quarter and 61% on a year ago.

    Not surprising - until they announce the Intel Powermacs, I think that desktop sales will continue to decline. But once they get those new Powermacs out, I think new users - including gamer types - will start picking up. You'd be surprise how many times I've heard that the Macbook Pro is quite the gaming machine.

    Nov 27, 01:19 PM
    Digi have such a poor track record I doubt this but if Apple can do something new with a 17" (inbuilt isight, portrait mode swivel, higher def than 1280x1024) then I might go nicely with the mini.

    Mar 20, 10:13 PM
    Maybe Apple should ban all religious apps.
    That's for apple to decide.

    In a way, religion is very like homeopathy, since it pretends that something non-existant has the ability to cure/help/heal etc.
    I'll say it again: homeopathy is not directly harmful. Ex-gay therapy is.

    Like homeopathy, religion can encourage one to do nothing of value ('let's pray for Japan', 'let's try to cure cancer with just water') rather than something physical which actually has an effect. It could be construed as being dangerous and damaging in that sense.
    Again: how is that directly harmful? Directly. Harmful.

    Apr 10, 11:15 AM
    I've obviously never tried any of the fancy auto shifting modern cars.

    My KIA has selectronic shifting, and it's fun to go "over there", now and then. ;)

    Aug 17, 11:40 AM
    I don't really see the demand behind adding wireless functionality into the iPod. I think wireless is the buzz word right now and investment managers and industry analysts don't even know what it means.

    Bluetooth headphones, if they sound good, and bluetooth syncing is the only function people might use out of this. However, most people charge as they sync, so they would need to connect the iPod to the computer anyway. Bluetooth headphones would need to be charged too, and that is a nuisance.

    The only thing semi-useful out of 802.11 is sending audio to airport express. But I use my laptop for that already, so does this really add any functionality? No one I know will be typing in a 256-bit WPA key into their iPod so they can play their iPod music over their friend's airport express, either. At work, I can view and sample my coworker's library on my computer - even when they leave for lunch. And if I like it, I can buy it on iTunes right there. Again, where is the usefulness of a wireless iPod?

    I can see how XM radio might be useful to many, even though it doesn't appeal to me. However, I would think Apple would want an exclusive deal if they were to offer this feature.

    Vogue Harper
    Nov 28, 02:12 AM

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