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  • aricher
    Nov 28, 10:11 AM
    I was in FYE last night, and out of curiosity, asked the sales assistant how they were selling. They hadn't sold a single one.

    I was in a very busy SuperTarget on Black Friday and their electronics employee said they haven't sold any since the release. He also had an iPod Nano clipped to his belt and said that he's been steering people towards iPods. The Best Buy near where I live has only sold 9 Zunes since the release. Poor numbers for a holiday season.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 22, 11:38 AM
    Does the classic have the tracking software too, or is it just the Touch?

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  • shawnce
    Nov 16, 11:50 AM
    Usually true, but with FB-DIMMs the 256MB and 512MB only use one of the onboard buffer channels (as in buffer channels on the module itself). Humm ... never ran across any documentation to that effect. You have an online reference? (I believe you, just like having reference information)

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  • Multimedia
    Nov 18, 11:04 AM
    Also, some uses of a program make it easy to use multithreading, and others don't. As an example, if you use Handbrake to do H.264 encoding, it is work for the developers to use multiple cores (it has been posted here that it uses three cores) for encoding a single movie, but it would be absolutely easy to use four times as many cores to encode four movies simultaneously.

    Something like that would be perfect if you want to encode four half hour movies, but awful if you want to encode a single two hour movie.I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean. :confused: I'm kind of anti-H.264 because of how bloated the file sizes get when you use that format and because many viewers don't have H.264 players outside the Mac community. I'd rather target a file size and/or bit rate with good old fashioned universally viewable 2-pass FFmpeg encoding than not be able to do so for an H.264 encode.

    My point that Handbrake could use up to 3 cores was that you could have that happening while encoding a DVD image with Toast using another 4 cores if you had an 8-core Mac without a performace-speed hit. As soon as a third process is instigated, all the programs would have to share restricted core limits but get a bunch of stuff done without us having to baby sit the queue.

    I am confused by what you think about encoding 4 programs simultaneously vs. one alone. 4 simultaneously will take longer but be possilbe on the 8-core while much slower on the 4-core Macs. While one on a 4-core will do fine by itself, problem is as soon as you start doing anything else, it's speed is compromized while in an 8-core system that would-should not be the case. Does that make any sense?

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  • Krafty
    Nov 26, 12:14 PM
    For my Mac Mini: Seagate Momentus 7200.4 ST9500420AS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive


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  • PODshady
    Oct 23, 08:24 PM
    I really hope that the MacBook Pro gets updated tomorrow becuase my 3 year old iBook G4 just died over the weekend and I have had my eye on a 17-inch MacBook Pro ever since they came out. I am still undecided though if I want to buy one (if they are updated tomorrow) or if I will just wait for Leopard to be released.

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  • boncellis
    Sep 6, 07:35 PM
    There has to be something in the cards that Apple plans to implement that will trump Amazon. I just don't think it will be the iPod this time. What's in store, I wonder...

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  • cal6n
    Mar 25, 04:46 AM
    As I understand it, once the relevant files are installed, these cards don't display anything until the OS boots, but then they (or at least some of them, like the 5770, 5870 and 6870) work just fine.

    But what about rEFIt? Will that put a video signal out through DVI or DP? If that'll do the job, then I'm all over a 6870 black!

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  • ~Shard~
    Nov 27, 01:27 PM
    Digitimes does not have the best track record, so I would take this report with a grain of salt. I think a 17" display would be nice to see and that it would definitely be appealing to Mac mini owners, however I would be concerned most about the price point. 17" displays are becoming cheaper and cheaper and if Apple puts too much of a premium on this, I don't think sales will be very swift.

    Of course perhaps Apple is releasing this display to complement the upcoming handheld Mac with docking station... :cool:

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 21, 06:24 PM
    Chinese naval vessel in the Med,to apparently to extract Chinese workers from Libya (I thought they got them all out before the western nations)?

    This is interesting, more for what it represents.

    The Chinese have naval vessels available, around the World?

    Some American's might be somewhat surprised at this revelation.

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  • janstett
    Mar 23, 09:31 AM
    The chance that the iPod Classic is updated to 220GB is zero. Apple has no plans to ever update a hard drive based non-touch portable device (they would not waste their time), and they've shown even less interest in increasing the capacity of any device beyond even 64GB flash.


    Wasn't there a decrease from 160 to 120? But I see now it's back to 160.

    I'd like to see Apple take it to the next level -- 500gb - 1TB. I have a 500gb Archos (as well as two 240gb iPods) and none of them makes it past an altitude of 33,000 songs.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 26, 01:19 PM
    The one argument Amazon can make is that they used "appstore" instead of "app store".

    "Appstore" was a trademark held by a computer store that was later abandoned. When you search for "app store" in the TESS you find both but Apple's trademark is specifically "app store" with two words.

    Not that I am an expert on the law of trademarks. Let them fight it out. What do I care. I'm just pointing out that the one word version of the trademark may not fall under Apple's two word trademark.

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  • islanders
    Dec 27, 10:33 PM
    I'm waiting for one format or the other to win, and I don't have an HD set anyway.

    You're comparing apples to oranges now. A cable box is a tuner and a self-contained unit. As far as we know, iTV will not have a tuner. Its only known function at this time is to stream content from a Mac, so that makes iTV like a Slingbox, not a cableco DVR. And Slingboxes don't have hard drives.

    I wouldn't hold my breath on the word processing and web surfing. WebTV showed surfing the internet on a TV sucked because trying to read normal-sized text from six feet away was hard, and bumping the text size up would goof up the page layout generally. Same reason word processing would be silly.

    I'm predicting a price around $400, but I'm also expecting a streaming device.

    What bandwidth? The stuff you watch is downloaded to your Mac first, or even the iTV itself. They don't stream it every time you want to watch it. The iTunes Store is open for business for movies. The bandwidth problem has already been addressed.

    That's lack of competition caused by effects of previous government sanctioned monopolies. And some "cooperation" by the different players in the industry. Kinda like how airline tickets and auto insurance are all pretty much the same.

    Ok, I don�t know what a slingbox is� and I thought it was going to stream or operate like a TiVo, where it downloads while you are asleep, so it would need a harddrive.

    Also, I�m not sure what you mean by TV? Do you mean a CRT with an aspect of 4:3? And, I would assume you don�t mean a flat panel LCD or Plasma, which now outsells tube tvs? A small HD plasma is 42�� and cost about $1000. I just got a Panny 9UK HD Plasma and it works quite will with a mac mini.

    And when you download from the iTunes store this does go to a harddrive? So you think I�m going to buy both a new computer and the iTV, and pay $20 to download a few movies?

    I already know I�m an idiot, thanks, but this still doesn�t make sense to me.

    My point about price fixing was a wild hope that Apple might step in with iDish and offer a service without all the commercials, but I also said that I think this will be a HD movie download service, and web serfer, video server... like a mac mini, TiVo with streaming abilities from iTV.

    The bandwidth limitation will be an issue if iTV wants to go past a download service.

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 27, 04:59 PM
    well it depends on the resolution of the monitor. i don't really see this a big deal affecting me, but i can see alot of people buying them though. maybe it's good for Apple, but unless the 20" price comes down, doesn't really help me any

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  • Westside guy
    Oct 23, 08:40 AM
    Okay, calm down, I have the real dirt here.

    What's really happening is MacRumors has a 4000 post limit on its threads; it's known about this bug for a while yet hasn't dealt with it. The old C2D MBP thread is almost at 3700 posts now, and Arn is starting to panic... so he's hoping this will resolve the problem.

    I kid, I kid... :D

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  • jake4ever
    Apr 1, 09:22 PM
    Look at this:


    Sometimes when I open any Finder window it does not show the Side Bar...Anyone having the same "experience"?...Any solution?;)

    Having the same problem here. Dragging the bar out makes it white...

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  • nitropowered
    Mar 22, 04:45 PM
    I haven't put new songs on my iphone in months. Mostly streaming music via Pandora. If Apple starts doing a subscription music service, I would signup immediately. I'm even considering getting a lower capacity iPhone 5 when the time comes to upgrade

    I guess if you have a large collection and need to carry all your songs with you at all times, the classic may still fit your needs

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  • AP_piano295
    Mar 21, 12:05 PM
    But if there were no army ants in addition to worker ants, the colony would have never made it.

    Your making the assumption that human beings are "surviving" we haven't been around for very long.

    Humans as organisms have a distressing habit of overusing our resources, building weapons so dangerous that they put our very existence at risk...etc.

    I think when evolution made us it crafted a loser...but only time will tell.

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  • bobbleheadbob
    Apr 2, 09:17 PM
    Keep up that attitude and continue wondering why no one talks with you as you type on your laptop in the middle of the coffee shop across from De Anza college. Sure, you may have helped get DB2 started and you still work in a DOS window but don't blame your wife for leaving you as you worked late at night too long. How much of the money from the IPO went to family attorney and court fees?

    De Anza college? Is that anywhere near Faber College, Flounder? :cool:

    Jul 19, 04:56 PM
    Wow, he basically just revealed they're working on an iPhone...
    nope just putting iTunes on the phone

    Mar 22, 09:53 AM
    I think that there's a good possibility that apps are not evaluated fairly.

    Mar 25, 06:03 PM






    I could go one, but the list would be too long.

    So what's it like being stuck in two years ago? Is the Palm Pre still a hot item? LOL

    I was referring to touchscreen gaming on a BIGSCREEN, separate from the actual touchscreen. You know, the actual topic being discussed in this thread. In what way are examples of touchscreen games made for the actual touchscreen relevant here? Sorry it wasn't clear for you.

    Nov 26, 05:33 PM
    Small Pelican case for my Oakley Glasses, (as seen on the last page of the XIV Purchases Thread)

    Have room for another pair too, Maybe I'll find another pair that I like in the future.:)

    I personally don't have a problem with this...but...it kind of reminded me of this from SNL. :)

    The Blues Brothers perform "Soul Man" (http://snltranscripts.jt.org/78/78fbluesbrothers.phtml)

    [ Emcee Monty steps into the shadows, as Jake & Elwood Blues, the Blues Brothers, enter the stage. Elwood is handcuffed to a briefcase, which Jake proceeds to uncuff him from. Once uncuffed, Elwood opens his case, pulls out a harmonica, then places the empty case aside as Jake performs a cartwheel to the microphones ]

    Apr 12, 10:10 PM
    iLife has done this for years and now Aperture is doing the same thing. Frankly, I prefer it to the old way.

    You realize that you'll be on Aperture 5 before you spend more money than just buying 3 outright. The upgrade from 2 to 3 cost more than just buying 3 on the app store.

    Why do you want to spend more money?

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