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  • cderalow
    Jan 22, 02:11 PM
    Good news! Atleast your kids can be cool :D

    They all ready sit in Recaro's ;)

    Seriously though, we've got a 3rd on the way, so we had to go to something large enough to fit 3 car seats.

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  • *LTD*
    Mar 25, 03:50 PM
    I recall some of the naysayers around here not even a year ago stating that such a device would never be suitable for gaming. And here we are. With HD output to your TV.

    Vision, people. Vision.

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  • AFPoster
    Mar 22, 01:17 PM
    His profile says he's the Director of IT. Who am I to question that?

    It also says "If you could describe an instigator it would be me."

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  • Cliff3
    Jan 5, 11:41 PM
    the guy looks like he really took care of the car (based on his ad). The pictures make it seem mint, and he says all maintenance has been done regularly.

    As I said before, there is no substitute for a thorough pre-purchase inspection by a competent BMW shop. These cars can be money pits.

    I found the bimmerforums site a few days ago and have been searching quite a bit. Nothing I am finding seems out of the ordinary, or something I haven't seen yet.

    Bimmerforums is mainly an E36 site. Bimmerfest is a better E46 resource.

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  • HDnut
    Jul 18, 09:19 AM
    :eek: I guess we will all become big fat jelly fish at this rate, I like getting in my car and interacting with other people:D . Pay per pay is BS, look at XM and Sirus radio, a joke. Oh we won't have commercials, and now most of the channels do, and I can see this happening on downloads, you get the download and the first 10min is Ads. Plus I have better things to do than sit in front of my computer all day long, do that enough at work and when I am taking a break like now :rolleyes: What the Movie industry needs and music industry needs is a huge shot of quality not quantity, I can't think of too many movies and or music CDs that I would want to buy right now, or even rent.

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  • applefied
    Sep 8, 12:17 PM
    belkin has some, but the order pages just say "coming soon", I don't even think you can pre-order.

    Scosche has some pretty cool ones, you can pre-order now, they ship "mid September"
    http://www.scosche.com/products/sfID1/210/sfID2/212 (scroll down to see the iPod touch cases)

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  • Beyondthought
    Apr 3, 05:10 AM
    Marketing geniuses :)


    They revolutionized marketing for technology a while ago, and their still setting the pace! :apple:

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  • jace88
    Jan 4, 03:12 AM
    Evos are awesome cars! How fast is your model 0-60

    Thanks :) Manufacturer claims it's low 5's, but I think it's closer to 5.5 (stock). Whilst I've got some mods on it (intake/exhaust), I recently detuned it because the aftermarket tune I was running was misfiring when WOT (might've been cool to teenagers watching from the side of the road but scared the heck out of me as I don't want engine trouble!).

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  • eenu
    Aug 16, 09:51 AM
    Who gives a flying-you-know-what about an iPod with wireless capabilities?

    What, so the transfer speeds can be even slower?
    So someone can use terrible sounding, cheap bluetooth headphones?

    What is the point of wireless in an iPod? These sound like rumors started by technically-inept, idiot investors who are trying to sell Apple stock to their technically-inept, idiot clients.

    Macrumors: remember that part of your slogan where it says rumors "you care about"???

    Next please.

    or possibly so you can purchase music etc whilst out and about or even share your music between you and your friends ipods?

    Those two functions alone seem attractive to me.

    EDIT: Why couldn't they make ipods with mini solar cells in like calculators?

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  • scotpole
    Jan 12, 07:59 AM
    How about
    Apple iTunes and the apple store are available everywhere through the air.

    Like .Mac your mac is automatically backed up so if you lose it, your files and account still exist at Apple, because through the air, they have been backed up. I mean we can trust Apple with our info right?

    To get new software you get it through the air. You connect to Apple and download it to the appropriate device the way you currently buy a song and your credit card is billed.

    All devices can transfer data through a high speed bluetooth, so you can backup at home to a DVD or a Hard Drive.(this one is a compilation of ideas already expressed in this thread).

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  • cleanup
    Nov 27, 05:09 PM
    Gift for my mom. She rides her bike 10 miles to and from work a few times a week:


    I cycle to work and school daily (except in the coming winter months) and I gotta tell you, cyclists who listen to music while they ride are clearly not very concerned for their own or anyone else's safety! No offense, but for your mother's sake, I hope she keeps the volume REALLY low, or doesn't use the iPod at all. It's rather dangerous, IMHO.

    Haven't started Christmas shopping yet (unlike Surely) so I haven't got any good karma, but nevertheless picked up a new pair of jeans for myself. D'oh. :(


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  • sineplex
    Sep 29, 02:13 AM
    Still satisfied with my dermashot. It really hasn't collected much dust. If your on the wall still about a silicon case, check it out.


    Thanks Bill - I just got mine in the mail today.
    You said the screen protector isn't great and I've decided to not even use a screen protector now and go naked and just use the Dermashot cover to protect the back. It looks really great, will pick up my 32GB IPT4 before the weekend.

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  • ingenious
    Apr 15, 11:01 AM
    It's just time for us to be mature adults and walk away from this. We know this guy is an ignoramus. We know Apple doesn't need saving. We know that as far as corporations go Apple couldn't be much healthier. We know what Apple's target market is, and that a cheap computer won't accomplish anything. Most importantly, we know we won't change iMacjapan's mind. He's stubborn and he's not listening. Why risk carpal tunnel on it? How about those NHL playoffs? I predict San Jose will take the Blues in 6 games.

    i agree....

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  • InuNacho
    Mar 22, 11:54 PM
    This is good news indeed!

    While my 80GB Classic is close to only 4 years old and it won't be replaced anytime soon, it's good to know that Apple's going to churn out another one just in case something happens to my precious little Silverwheel baby.

    I'd be nice if Apple kept everything the way it is but added a bigger HD, made the screen a bit clearer, and maybe added a few new bells and whistles that make it worth upgrading to.

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  • TangoCharlie
    Aug 29, 11:33 AM
    Yonah doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Merom is pin-compatible and costs exactly the same amount. Besides, it would be a PR boost for Apple to have the entire lineup 64-bit and "Leopard ready". The Mac Mini is going to use the 5000 series Meroms and the iMac is going to use the 7000s.
    Yonah makes perfect sense in the Mac mini.
    Apple is hardly going to upgrade the Mac mini to Merom before the MBP and/or the iMac. Apple can upgrade the Mac mini line to Core Duo 1.66 and 1.83 GHz _and_ benefit from improved margins as the price of Yonah based chips drop.
    Apple _will_ update the Mac mini to Core 2 Duo, but not yet.

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  • Coolvirus007
    Jul 18, 11:15 AM
    A major consumer announcement at a developers conference? Not gonna happen. End of story!

    I agree with this comment. There is no way a developer conference would be used as an announcement for ipods

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  • Fukui
    Mar 21, 07:11 PM
    What people don't understand is that Apple is dying....
    Everyone is buying IBMs and if Apple doesn't do something then they are dead.

    Not exactly. Everyone's buying DELLs.

    And, For What its worth, apples market share may be lower over time, but thier installed/customer base IS increasing. Just not at the same growth level as the Big Players. The only thing that prevents apples larger growth is largely microsoft.

    When customers cant access the website they want, take classes to learn MS office only on PC's because the mac version is different, cant use all the same peripherals as windows users (not as bad as it used to be for sure) etc, apple will grow slower than the bigger PC companies.

    How come Acer isnt dying with its meager 3 percent market share?
    Lower prices don't seem to help them that much...
    Its much more than price that determines market share, things like advertising...which is what apple is actually doing for the iPod.

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  • Eraserhead
    Jul 18, 06:35 AM
    I dunno, I could work if they streamed it. Even if they did it so you waited 15 minutes so there was loads of streamed data on your computer first (so no awful pauses) I can see myself using it a lot for even �2. You could go round with a laptop (or an iPod with WiFi ;) ) and plug it into a TV and watch a film on it, it would be good.

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  • Zadillo
    Aug 6, 09:24 PM
    Longhorn is code name, The product name is Vista you will not see a third name for windows vista. Just like Windows XP I think was called Whistler (code name).

    Just about all companies give there product a code name and then a release name once it's ready for the retail stores or a public beta like you see windows vista.

    Indeed. I sort of forget, but at what point did Apple decide to start making the "code names" part of the official name of the commercial product? I'm thinking it must have been with 10.2 (I don't remember them publicizing Cheetah as the name of 10.0 or Puma as the name of 10.1).

    I guess it's almost a necessity given the unique product naming issues with OS X. On one hand, Apple is basically limited to doing single-point version increases with each update to OS X (because if they actually were to jump from 10.x to, say, 11.0, the OS X name would no longer mean anything). But if you just advertise "Mac OS X 10.5", it's hard to get people too excited about that. So I guess it makes sense for Apple to go ahead and really push the cat codename stuff as the final product name. Also, probably easier for the average consumer to just remember Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, etc. than individual version numbers.

    Nov 27, 01:56 PM
    i would like to see this display option.

    however, as stated, coming from DigiTimes this could just be hot air. :rolleyes:

    Nov 28, 05:06 AM
    I'm surprised no one has ventured a guess as to whether these 17" monitors are going to be glossy or matte.

    Mar 21, 03:29 PM
    I guess I'm number 1 on the team now :cool:

    Lord Blackadder
    Mar 4, 02:58 PM
    If you buy a truck or SUV because you want to tow or haul, drive offroad or use it for work, fine. If you bought it because you're being "protective", then, yes, that is a selfish motivation.

    Larger SUV's and trucks often do suffer fewer driver fatalities, so in some ways they are safer (in the US), but that is because they force smaller vehicles to absorb most of the impact during a crash. Also, the rollover risk remains high, so that the "protection" you are buying is pretty conditional and may come at the expense of other people's lives.

    In addition, I should point out that minivans are safer than SUVs, so if you want your family safe, buy a minivan. Finally, it's a proven fact that pickups are less safe than cars, period.

    If you want to debate it further I suggest we start another thread though, so we can keep this one on-topic.

    Apr 20, 01:09 AM
    I have an early 2008 iMac with it's Applecare up in July. It was the cheapest refurbished model I could get then, and Applecare was good to it in the years since I bought it. I love the machine. I'm looking forward to replacing it, even though it still works great, with an all out built to order iMac at the end of this year after Lion as come out and has stabilized its kinks.

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