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  • i love you heart animation.

  • Matthew Yohe
    Nov 11, 02:26 AM

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  • MisterMe
    Sep 14, 05:20 PM
    Originally posted by bullrat
    I'm a potential "switcher" that wants to buy an iMac now but I keep reading all the posts on the various Mac boards about how even the latest 17 inch iMac looks "choppy" or "jerky" when resizing or moving windows and how much slower browsing the Web is than bad old MS on Wintel.
    I have not seen those posts, but then I have seen a lot of other bitching and moaning about one thing or another. Point No. 1: Although I don't have access to a 17" iMac, I do have Jaguar installed on my 2000 Firewire PowerBook G3. I don't see any of that choppiness and jerkiness that you mentioned. I would be astonished to find it on a faster machine like the 17" iMac. Point No. 2: Don't take anybody's word for it. Drive down to your nearest Apple retailer. Look at the machines yourself. That should end all arguments.

    I'm so bored reading all the MHz doesn't matter blather. It does matter. When a brand new $2000 computer looks choppy using a brand new OS, then something is not right. It should be blazing on all basic functions. Flame away if you like, I see a lot of that on the Mac boards whenever someone happens to disagree with the party line but I'd wager I speak for a lot of potential switchers.
    Again, have your actually seen this "choppiness" on that $2000 machine with the brand new OS? Now for the issue of MHz, browse the web sites of the expensive UNIX workstations and servers. Look at the clock speeds of the offerings from IBM, HP, SGI, and Sun. For the most part, you will see that their machines have clock speeds in the sub-GHz range. Yet these are the machines of choice when price is no object and the job must get done. Just think about this: these boards are filled with laments that effectively tell you that you need substaintially higher clock speeds to run a computer game than you need to simulate the gas flow in a jet engine. Don't you think that something is just a bit warped here?

    I guess what really blows me away is that Apple appears to be *purposely* cripppling their systems. From what I understand it's possible for Apple to upgrade the processor, bus, memory and other components without any technical difficulties.
    Think. Think. Think. Apple does not "appear" to be purposesly crippling its systems. The entirity of the corporation orbits about the Macintosh. No company would purposely cripple its central product. The fact that Apple is only one of two profitable personal computer manufacturers serve as loud testimony to the contrary. Just because a bunch of idle college students post things on the Internet does not make them so.

    Okay, you can flame away now -- but all I'm saying is there are a lot of potential switchers waiting to plunk down their hard earned cash if Apple would get it together. I see more and more Apple folks waking up, no longer satisfied to let Apple off the hook for getting further and further behind the rest of the computer world.
    If you are serious, then nobody wants to see you flamed. But again, think. Exactly how is Apple behind? If you are talking about the race toward bankruptcy, then I would agree with you. Apple is second to last in that race among personal computer makers.

    The best OS deserves the best hardware or at least a lot better hardware than being currently used. You want premium prices? Then give us premium hardware. Geez, drop Motorola if they can't deliver the goods and go with IBM (don't go with Intel or AMD to keep that Apple distinction). But pul-leeze do it soon. I want to buy!

    I cannot agree more that the best OS deserves the best currently available hardware. However, the machine has to be affordable. For many years, Apple has ranked among the highest quality hardware manufactures. I am not just talking about microprocessors. I've endured conditions that put Dells out to pasture while my Mac chugged along like a champ.

    As for all this business about Motorola this, IBM that, and AMD the other thing, I will leave it to Apple to make the best decision. It knows the players and its own business better than any nitwit posting on an Internet bulletin board.

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  • bigandy
    Nov 21, 04:17 PM
    That sounds pretty cool - if it could be harnessed to charge from the heat developed by a processor, RAM, or even the battery itself... :)

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  • willdenow
    Oct 9, 09:59 PM
    In fact, DVD pricing is not the most important factor for Walmart and I suspect Target as well. Both companies employ sophisticated marketing techniques to draw customers into the store and get them to part with more money than they originally intended to spend. Brand-name promotions, item placements and even Walmart's "don't ask, don't tell" return policies are examples. The use of loss-leaders, selling products at a small loss, has proven to be one of the most powerful customer draws. DVDs are the numero-uno loss leader draw of most Walmarts, particularly those in the broad midsection of the country where it's often difficult to find a video rental store, much less a Tower, Borders or Virgin Atlantic store. I recently spent the summer in the Hill Country of Texas and became quite familiar with the Friday evening surge when customers would stream into a Walmart to pick up a DVD for the weekend and then decide to do a little additional shopping "seein' as they was there." I think the stores are rightfully fearful of the loss in foot traffic and the consequential loss of impulse purchases if movie downloads become popular. For the same reason, simply openning up an online store will not insulate them from losses since the profits accrued from DVD sales don't generally arise from the DVDs themselves, but from the additional shopping that is all but inevitable once you enter the store.

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  • koruki
    Apr 5, 05:28 PM
    Headset jack was removed, so had to buy a USB headset for example.

    WTF is your friend smoking, they are still there. Unless of course I been smoking something even more intense. A quick look at the spec site on Apple website and looking at my 2011 17" MBP suggest you two needa sober up.

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  • Twe Foju
    Apr 23, 02:19 AM
    I think to dictate what people should or shouldn't do with their machines is silly. Search the forums and the internet. The Air has proven to be plenty capable as a gaming machine for it's size and has many satisfied users talking about it.

    A computer is certainly a tool, but it can also be a gaming machine, a home theater pc, an entertainment hub, etc.; whatever a user may find use for it for.

    Obviously, certain machines are better and worse at certain functions than others, but don't forget that this generation of MBA, there are people that actually did go out and buy the Air because one of the reasons is that it did happen to be a decent performer in games, while remaining ultra portable. In this case, I think the Air strikes an excellent balance between function and form.

    I use my Air for live music sets and this is exactly a scenario where such a BL KB would be grand. I read similar opinions from other musicians on this forum in another thread. Creative artists like live musicians can definitely find appropriate use for a backlit kb, but even average everyday users who don't share the same skill level as you would also benefit from it. If anything, adding convenience is always a welcome.

    If you don't want or need the backlit kb, then you could always turn it off. It's there for people who might need it. Win-win situation.

    You sir, just made my morning :D

    And i Think this thread should be rename into:

    Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt + HD3000 vs 320M


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  • Josh
    Sep 17, 12:08 PM
    Just tell her she's the Apple of your eye.

    hahaha lol..I kill me.....

    ok, maybe not.

    But yeah - do not stalk her at her workplace. Never turns out for the better.

    Plus, girls like mystery and by showing up in a place you KNOW she will be, you're removing all the mystery.

    If you can, without stalking her or being creepy, find out what other stuff she likes besides Apple, or where you might have an UNPLANNED encounter with her, you might have a chance of saving this situation.

    Other than that, it looks quite tricky....tricky tricky tricky.

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  • lordonuthin
    Apr 15, 10:34 PM
    Everyone has lost interest in doing this kind of thing I guess. Maybe when they removed the screensaver, for good reasons, it wasn't as interesting for some people. Upgrading to new clients can be a hassle.

    I think if the stats were more interesting, I would like to have a better way to see how I'm doing against people on other teams.

    Kakaostats may go by the wayside, he doesn't have individual stats anymore and the rest of his stats are questionable because of some bug.:(

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  • SandynJosh
    Apr 5, 06:51 PM
    I wonder who the first manufacturer was to create a dock connector? I assume IBM? They should sue Apple and give them a piece of their own medicine. You know if the shoe was on the other foot. . .

    Dock connectors for some equipment date back to WWII for sure, maybe earlier.

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  • scottgroovez
    Mar 25, 02:18 AM
    The fact NO site has seemingly reviewed any of UBI's release is very suspicious about their quality.

    Is there a review Embargo in place I wonder?

    Yes until today. Lineup is quite weak as no Mario. Every Nintendo launch needs a Mario

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  • sartinsauce
    Oct 17, 09:39 AM
    You know, I would love an Apple phone as much (or even more) than the next guy, but something occured to me this morning...

    All this talk, all this hype. If/When the iPhone comes out, most of you are gonna flame Apple for releasing such a POS. I'm already vommiting at the thought of how many posts will use the overused phrase "underwhelmed."

    You will be underwhelmed my friends, I promise.

    Also, to stay competitive in the mobile phone hardware market, you've got to release new hardware, with new features, at least every year, if not twice a year. Apple seems to be so slow getting out of the gate on this one that I wonder if they could do that. I mean, look at quickly they updated their notebooks to Core 2 Duo. Oh, that's right, they haven't.

    Can Apple produce and continue to innovate a product every 9 months?

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  • springscansing
    May 6, 12:46 AM
    It's very simple why we're mac biggots...

    edit: not funny

    And just for the record, you can run many flavors of linux on a mac as well.

    I know that the PC can't run the audio apps I use, so I use a mac. Plain and simple.

    Get a life man.. this is macrumors. What do you want us to do?

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  • BigBeast
    Apr 28, 02:11 PM
    Like to haves: me and my pretty mouth would like a backlit keyboard.:p

    wtf? :confused:


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  • puuukeey
    Sep 1, 04:58 AM
    how do they release the preview to developers and not let loose the super secret features? are all the super secret features all applications which don't need testing?

    or will there be another round of betas?:confused: :confused: :confused:

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  • wrldwzrd89
    May 1, 05:03 PM
    So riddle me this folks:

    IF someone is upgraded to the latest version of Snow Leopard (which includes that 'devil-spawn' of and App Store) and Apple is ONLY going to distribute LION thru the App Store - what the hell do you do after you down load it ?

    Seeing as how you cannot be running the primary OS while you are in fact upgrading it ?

    OR has Apple decided to run a full blown OS Upgrade like it does it regular updates now?

    Why is Apple still including DVD Drives in it's Products ? Why not just completely do away w/ them - they've done it before w/ technology ? Maybe there's a reason why the new laptops that recently came out still have those drives in them beyond just burning disks of your kids playing in a bathtub?

    Maybe - Apple will bring back Tape Drives - everyone gets a 50-pound case of Tape Media w/ an install of LION (that includes a free Tape Drive) w/ a Centronix to USB adapter and they will be delivered by purple elephants. Awesome.

    Oooooh - let make **** up until the last second before Apple does in fact release it's products on the world w/ an explanation of how and what they are going to do w/ said products.
    Well, let me tell you this: If Apple does indeed distribute Lion via the App Store... Apple has its bases covered, based on what I've seen with the Lion Developer Previews. (What I mean is this: Apple has devised a way to install Lion without a bootable disc in the DVD drive. It works darn well, too.)

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  • ntrigue
    Jan 6, 08:51 PM
    I like to ONLY have a 'sound' or 'badge' as the screen turning ON/OFF with Push messages does affect the battery...

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  • applefan88
    Mar 13, 12:32 PM
    I had this issue too, on my VZW iPhone. Had nothing to do with any alarms that were set. I left work at 11:30pm, my phone had the correct time. I got home at 12:14am, and I noticed that my phone was now reading 11:14pm. As I had been driving in between those two times, I didn't notice when it made the switch, but I assume it was at midnight.

    I went into settings and I noticed that my timezone said "Chicago", even though I live in NY. I deleted Chicago and set it to New York. The time switched to the correct time, and then a moment later fell back an hour again! Then I turned off "Set Time Automatically" and set it manually. That set the time to the correct time. I was curious to see if it would ever fix itself, so I set it back to Automatically, and then went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that it was still an hour behind, even though DST took effect at 2am. However, when I woke up this morning at around 11am, my phone was correct (as in, it matched my cable box which I assume updated automatically).

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    Nov 14, 07:00 PM
    Ooops... Sorry NYM, I misread the posts... I was responding to MiketheC...Must read closer next time!

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  • phillipduran
    Feb 18, 02:47 PM
    Just think, if they all got food poisoning and died - America would be brought to its knees. For a few days.

    Nah, American leadership weathers stuff like that with ease. It's one of the effective things about our military leadership too.

    Mar 9, 11:59 AM
    I think I'm going to go with Flickr, since Smugmug is too expensive for my needs. Thanks!

    EDIT: actually, I just checked, and Flickr will only let me upload 300MB a month, and will only let me see the most recent 200 pictures on a free account. That's basically worthless too. Maybe I'll just buy another external hard drive instead.
    Flickr Pro is $25 a year, and has no limits. You could get 3-4 years of Flickr Pro for the price of your average nice external drive. I would rather have Flickr Pro, but that is just me.

    Apr 5, 09:32 AM
    WOW... who could of possible saw this coming... iPad 2 given title for best tablet... SHOCKER:rolleyes:

    May 5, 01:15 PM
    It's a tax on system resources, not financial.
    Seriously? A few MB's of RAM saved is worth over double the price? I'm not bashing Apple here, I love my Mac and I love OS X, but Windows 7 with an antivirus runs a hell of a lot smoother on my iMac than Snow Leopard does. When you take that into account, it pales into insignificance does running an antivirus.

    Not to mention that plenty of OS X users now use an antivirus, despite there being no real need to.

    Oct 26, 03:15 PM
    Yes, I am doing the same. My simple "Hello World" is Intel only. Yes, I am going to click on the check box for Intel just to piss off the G5 loving Mac owners. ha ha ha.

    Apr 17, 10:05 AM
    brasso works fine. been using it for 2 years now on the mbp.

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