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  • isgoed
    Aug 25, 06:47 AM
    I don't think we are going to see Core Duos in Apples for much longer, though it is possible that the base Mini will offer a Core Duo, and the better model a Core 2 Duo.

    Still, I think it much more likely that with this revision, both Minis will sport Core 2 Duos, probably Meroms to keep them quiet and lower-powered, and will feature the 965 graphics chipset which frankly is a very nice and inexpenisve graphics solution.

    What I am really hoping is that there will be an add-on base module in a similar form factor to turn any Mini into a full-blown HD/Audio media centre. Now that could really be exciting. While Tivos and Sky+ boxes are welcome in my home, we are just aching for someone to really rethink the entire home media experience. I'd love to see Apple take a shot at that.That is almost exactly what I am thinking.

    The way I see it there are two kind of people who buy the mac mini:

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  • BenRoethig
    Nov 27, 04:58 PM
    Do you think such a display would sport a pwning! S-IPS panel as the other Cinema Displays, or would it be throttled down to a Dell style S-PVA panel?:D

    I willy, willy hope for:
    17" (1680x1050), S-IPS panel, 12 ms, DVI, 600:1, iSight, 400 cd/m2, alu. case, 2xUSB 2.0, 2xFireWire400 - $399.
    20" (1920x1200), S-IPS panel, 12 ms, DVI, 700:1, iSight, 500 cd/m2, alu. case, 2xUSB 2.0, 2xFireWire400 - $699.
    24" (some res. I can't remember), S-IPS panel, 12 ms, DVI, 700:1, iSight, 500 cd/m2, alu. case, 2xUSB 2.0, 1xFireWire400, 1xFireWire 800 - $999.
    30" (some res. I can't remember), S-IPS panel, 12 ms, DVI, 700:1, iSight, 500 cd/m2, alu. case, 2xUSB 2.0, 1xFireWire400, 1xFireWire 800 - $1999.

    :D :D :D

    Only the most hardcore Mac user would pay those prices. The 17" and 20" models are twice the price of their rivals.

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  • TangoCharlie
    Aug 25, 05:47 AM
    Both are pro-features, so it will be VERY unlikely that we will see them in the Mini.
    At least another USB port would be nice. Two was pathetic, three's OK, but
    four is more realistic number nowadays!

    Personally, I'm not convinced that the mini is going to go Core 2 at all... I think we might see the "Solo" going "Duo" and the CPU speeds up'd a bit, that's all. Maybe, just maybe, the top-of-the-line Mac mini might get a Core 2 (Merom)..... :)

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  • timmillwood
    Oct 23, 07:49 AM
    sorry to quote myself, but i just realized that the UK Mac Expo is this week, and that would be a good venue for releasing new MBPs

    so my prediction is Oct 26 at the UK MacExpo.


    i think they will stick with Tuesday then just show it off at the EXPO, this will be a silent update because no invites have been sent so there is no reason to wait for friday when they can do it Monday.

    I hope to have it order Tuesday and delivered by the end of the week?
    Any chance?

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  • cublah
    Mar 25, 08:43 PM
    so you can connect the ipad 2 to your TV and you can use an iPod touch or iPhone as the controller, no cable required :) I believe there are one or 2 games that use the iPhone as a controller on the iPad. I believe Chopper 2 is one of them.

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  • tarproductions
    Apr 12, 08:19 PM
    Always looking forward to advancements in software.

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  • williwilli
    Aug 7, 02:49 AM
    here's my assesment of the situation; a complete and reasonable roundup of what to expect at the show

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  • Leesure
    Sep 7, 08:26 AM
    Only people who watch movies.

    Combo drive still playes movies.

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  • iGav
    Feb 25, 07:51 AM
    looking at the very current and very genius Fiat Twin Air engines i have to say that very refined turbocharged small displacement/ few cylinder engines are actually the next step over the overly complicated hybrid systems

    The Twin Air is conceptually brilliant... but its real world numbers haven't anywhere near matched up to Fiat's official figures (68.9mpg official - 35.7mpg real world, neither of which are particularly brilliant to begin with) and there lies one of the problems with small capacity engines, in anything other than ideal test conditions (i.e. rolling road), it is extraordinarily difficult to even approach the officials figures in everyday conditions, because put simply, they have to be razzed.

    Like what you've said though, there's a compelling argument to be made that a diesel-electric hybrid (like VW's XL1 Concept), with energy recovery would probably be the best arrangement (particularly for an urban car), in this instance the diesel engine is isolated from the actually drivetrain (reducing NVH etc) and the electric motors counter the age old argument of petrol>diesel refinement.

    I do think that smaller capacity, fewer cylinder engines are the way to go, but only if the absolutely most important factor is addressed first, and that is one of weight, until then...

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  • Stridder44
    Sep 6, 07:05 PM
    A Netflix subscription and a spindle of DVD-R discs is cheaper then one new movie from Apple.

    Sorry, not interested.

    HA I like your style. Think I'll adopt it too.

    Honestly though, am I the only one who thinks they should change/add/replace iTunes and just keep it for music, and make a separate app for videos & films (or something)? The "iTunes Movie Store"? That sounds like the "Home Depot Car Dealership & Laser Tag Center". I understand Apples' all about simplicity, but buying movies from the music store to play in iTunes...then again it does make it simpler for the iPod...meh. I just think some form of change should be made here.

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  • DavidEther
    Apr 10, 02:03 PM
    I read about the new iCal before updating, and actually saved the old iCal from DP1 and copied it over after updating to DP2. It worked just fine, though it's interesting to note that the 'ugly' DP2 version was much smaller in size than the original DP1 version. DP1 iCal was over 40mb, while the new & ugly iCal was only around 13mb.

    Oh well, I still happily sacrificed the extra space for a more usable interface.

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  • GFLPraxis
    Aug 25, 01:55 AM
    In addition, Core 2 Duo vs Core Duo performance increase really isn't all that dramatic:

    Certainly not worth buying one to upgrade your current Yonah machine, assuming that really would be possible without some sort of EFI update.

    While Merom isn't much faster than Yonah, Conroe in an iMac would be superb with the faster clock and bus speeds.

    Actually, it's quite dramatic. From those benchmarks, Intel's claims are correct; at the SAME CLOCK SPEED, Merom is 20% faster than Yonah, however, Merom comes at a higher clock speed at the same price as Yonah, making the difference even more dramatic. A 2.33 Merom is the price of a 2.16 Yonah.

    And it's 64-bit.

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  • Killyp
    Aug 24, 06:44 PM
    ...I will admit that stranger things have happened.

    Like this?

    gawd i hope i don't get banned for that!

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  • skunk
    Mar 21, 05:39 PM
    Loyalists blow with the wind, and the prevailing wind happens to be from Vichy. .... sorry, Tripoli. :oI think that's the prevailing water.

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  • Goldfinger
    Aug 31, 03:35 PM
    Any chance of a new chip set with a newer GMA ?

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 28, 08:10 PM
    I still can't decide between this setup and a 20" iMac (educ discount) for my TV requirements... hmm.. the iMac's audio input isn't optical so that may swing it towards the mini.Keeping components separate is much wiser. You can keep the 24" Screen when you upgrade the mini in future. iMac is a problem when either screen or computer break or become power obsolete. 23/24" screen is NATIVE HD Resolution 1920 x 1200 (1080) - not so the iMac 20".

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  • mterlouw
    Sep 6, 09:52 AM
    Is it just me, or does the $599 mini *not* let you configure it with a DVD burner?

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  • JurgenWigg
    Nov 15, 01:04 PM
    How long before it ends up in the MacBook Pro?

    Right after the G5 powermac!

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  • Winni
    Apr 27, 06:23 AM
    How long until Apple releases a product called "Amazon", then? Named after the river, of course.

    Interesting. I've always associated the name with the legendary tribe of female warriors.

    Jan 12, 12:31 AM
    Here is some info on the wireless power adaptor technlogy I mentioned previously that I believe will be incorporated into a new low power mac that does not ever need to be plugged in. There are two trains of thought. One is that it will be set atop a wireless power pad that will conduct the electricity a mere inch or two to 'charge' or power the mac without any cable or outside connectors and the other which has been demonstrated by a few other companies including involves electricity being sent through the air similar to a wireless signal, except the laptop actually charges without any wires at all - cordless electricity as it were.

    Here's some links to some past posts discussing the technlogy.

    Finally, a company called Powercast at demonstrated this wireless power transfer not too long ago by lighting a bulb up with absolutely no wires. Pretty cool and inevitable if you ask me.

    This is what I'm guessing will be the hot new product - the MacAir - no cords. Power without wires.


    Sep 1, 12:55 PM
    if this turns out to be true, here's my prediction on the pricing:

    17" is stripped down and relegated to "emac" status and sells at a $999 price point

    20" sells for $1299 or $1399

    23" sells for $1699 or MAYBE $1799 at the most

    Wishful thinking (both yours and mine).

    Not gonna happen.

    Feb 23, 06:02 PM
    Wonder if this will be the case in this? Chevy in Europe is a very cheap and nasty brand of car, much like Kia (they are re-branded Daewoo's).

    Hold it right there! The Kia models sold in Europe actually nowadays borrow from the current Hyundai Motor Company parts bin, and as such are way more civilized cars. Anyone who's driven the Kia Cee'd hatchback in Europe know it's a way better car than people think.

    Mar 25, 03:01 PM
    That's not the correct answer? Lol, how much longer are you going to waste my time for? DirectX in it of itself is not related to OpenCL. They are once again, two separate entities. Support for OpenCL 1.0 means support for OpenCL 1.1. DirectCompute was introduced in DX11 but can be used on DX10 hardware.

    I've been sitting here correcting your mis-information, false accusations and asking for you to post some OpenCL applications you've been using. Don't respond until you give me an example of your OpenCL workflow. You seem to love AMD's CPU's but likely have never used one seeing as you have said Windows doesn't cut it and Linux "doesn't have enough commercial applications".

    You fail to understand the difference between "API" and "API-class" hardware.

    Apr 3, 01:25 AM
    Has piano music like the oooold Mac ads. I guess they're addressing the complaints about how the Xoom (which is a piece of junk) has more RAM. Who cares? :cool:

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