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  • In particular, the A4 and Q5

  • rajeshalex
    08-28 03:55 PM
    I got 2 year EAD. My 140 is pending and 485 pd is current

    wallpaper In particular, the A4 and Q5 audi a4 2010 blogspotcom. Audi : A4 2.0T Avant q ONE
  • Audi : A4 2.0T Avant q ONE

  • paskal
    03-03 05:51 PM
    Hello there,
    This is great news although I have a question. My wife is a endodontist (dentist, speciality in root canal surgery), (H1, EB2 India). She teaches at a university and practises in there. She has some publications as well (she does not qualify for EB1, as we dont want to go for a tenure track) Will she qualify under this physicians bill? She has 6 years experience in this filed.

    Thank you

    unfortunately though i suspect that the Conrad programs define participants as "physicians" which presumably does not include dentists...how about you check with your state health department?

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  • fatboysam
    05-17 01:05 PM

    Can you please share your experience with them?


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  • ganguteli
    02-03 01:54 PM
    Dont stay here .. People like you causing problem for people who work hard. If you cannot find job.. why the hell you stay here. You should pack bag.. If you are rich enough to spend money while not working in USA come on B1 visa and stay for 180 days in 5 star hotel.

    Go back...

    Dude 'Fairlyangel' may be 'Tunnel rat' now posing as an angel . He is trying real hard to show H1Bs as fraud but he himself is faking his identity on IV and doing fraud.

    Common, post your real name and real resume if you have any guts. Stop being annonymous if you really want to change the system.


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  • 2010 audi a4

  • xgoogle
    06-24 08:10 AM
    Posted on both sections.... no response yet... pls help. :confused:

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  • 2011 AUDI A4 is come

  • stemcell
    02-11 11:38 AM

    Nice idea actually.

    There have been many articles about economic growth secondary to legal immigrants.
    In retrospect all of us come with couple of suitcases and end up in the top 10% of the socioeconomic strata given a time frame of 5 yrs or less.
    Washington know this but the lethargy to do anything for us is i think is political.

    Now that CHANGE has been elected lets see whats in store for all of us.


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  • 2010 Audi A4 2.0T Avant S-line

  • Kitiara
    10-17 05:10 AM
    I've got one of Sephiroth and Vincent too somewhere... I'll dig it out. :)

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  • pa_arora
    07-02 12:09 PM
    Read that again..they said it right..."All numbers available to these categories under the FY-2007 annual numerical limitation" have been made available.

    SO to say they have made available whatever they had for 2007..and they are now out of it.


    Effective Monday July 2, 2007 there will be no further authorizations inresponse to requests for Employment-based preference cases. All numbers available to these categories under the FY-2007 annual numerical limitation

    have been made "available".=============

    I think they meant to put UNAVAILABLE there....
    bastards dont know how to spell !!!


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    05-12 04:22 PM

    hair http://audi-diy.logspot.com/ audi a4 2010 blogspotcom. Audi A4 India JPG
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  • nozerd
    07-02 10:05 AM
    If you are going to stay 2 yrs in Canada, you might as well spend 1 more yr and become a Canadian citizen.

    I actually have a similar question. I am in the exact same situation. The question is that in this case if you have an H1 stamped in your passport, is it ok to travel to US on that H1 ? or would you need a B2 tourist visa to travel ?

    I am asking since technically you are employed by same employer but you are getting paid by Candian payroll not US Payroll.


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  • velan
    06-22 01:56 PM
    Well said. Be positive and work with IV core team to get something done.

    Just an assessment on where we are collectively as a group:

    312 new members in June 2006
    1100 new members in May 2006
    1400 new members in April 2006
    1000 new members in March 2006
    400 new members in February 2006
    600 new members in January 2006

    4812 in total membership.

    Each one of us should personally get involved in engaging legal immigrants who are affected by the retrogression problem. It is hard to imagine that there are 6-figure number of people in retrogression but there are less than 5-figure number (4812) of people participating in this voluntary effort undertaken by IV.

    Please talk to people around you and make them aware of the situation. Creating an account in IV and clicking a button to send web faxes is the least these people can do for their own benefit.

    I'm sure that IV core will also become stronger and can gain more leverage during negotiations/lobbying with the appropriate authorities.

    On a side note, please have some faith in the strategic decisons made by IV core. I understand that a lot of people here are desperate to see some progress but I personally feel that IV core is on a great strategic path to acheive our goals. In the mean time, if each of us can do our part by recruiting 10 people to join IV by the end of July. We will be stronger and more effective.

    Just imagine if our membership is close to 50000 by the end of July, we can take a rally just like the Irish lobby group. Ours will be much legitimate because we are not rallying for illegal immigrants, unlike them. So divert your time resources in the next month in achieving this goal and leave the strategic decision making to IV Core and QGA.

    Peace out!

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  • aat0995
    05-02 08:39 AM
    It seems no one else is in this boat. Strange.


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  • anilsal
    10-05 04:55 PM
    IV Core.

    Another visual proof of your dedication to the cause.

    Please continue the great work.

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  • ksiddaba
    01-30 10:04 AM

    From Dallas Metroplex (Richardson) TX. Count me in.


    PS: Already contributing $20/month.


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  • Jamin
    08-16 09:56 AM
    I had a similar situation and Bank of America CS sent me a good image of the check. Check with your bank as well by calling their CS.

    CALLED USCIS .they said they cant transfer to level 2 operator to check receipt number...Is there any other way to find out?...will the bank be able to read and tell?

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  • Desertfox
    06-07 06:06 PM
    I think its your LC job requirements which governs EB2/EB3. For EB2 classification on your I-140, your job must require 'Masters' or 'Bachelors+5Yrs Experience' on Labor Certification.


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  • Tantra
    07-12 02:02 PM
    There are over 1300 guests and our strength is (sadly) in our numbers. How beautiful would it be to see reduction in this number of people in different types of limbo in their life, but that would require a concerted voice of legal immigrants to cause any ripple anywhere.

    Come, join in this novel and noble struggle for self-respect and fair treatment. There is no financial commitment needed, though members could contribute as they deem right and through their participation in various IV activities.

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  • Augphoto
    March 4th, 2007, 04:49 PM
    Must... hide... credit card... now..! :D

    jilechty, I can hide that credit card for you!:)

    hairstyles Audi TT, Audi A4, Audi A4 audi a4 2010 blogspotcom. 1998 Audi A4 Avant Quattro
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  • Hewa
    09-22 06:55 AM
    My case was also transferred to CSC. The transfer notice has a different receipt date than the receipt notice. MY case is now transferred back to NSC.
    I would like to know if anybody of you have received finger print notice. I have not received it yet.

    No FP, or any other communication whatsoever. Just the transfer notice.

    12-08 03:43 PM
    We are legal immigrants and most importantly - tax payers, shouldn't that be enough??

    10-24 01:08 PM
    Are you sure it is 90 days, i think it is 180 days and above. Since visitor visa is 6 months max, most are not eligible to apply. After 9/11 my parents had to postpone their return by a month, we had a valid extension etc. My CPA told me that since i had filled out a sponsorship letter to support their visa application, it would create a hassle for my parents during reentry. I did not want to complicate things so i did not claim them.

    My friend is a GC holder and he claims his parents as dependents when they stay for more than 180 days. He has had no issues so far. As far as i know, I have yet to see a case where people have run into issues for claiming parents as dependents.

    I had applied for a ITIN for my parents about 4 years ago and I was able to claim them as dependents since they stayed in US for more than 90 days and additionally I was supporting their welfare and expenses. IRS did accept my application, but I can do this only in the year they are physically here.

    Check Pub 501 page 14 onwards....the key is you need an ITIN # for them....also see page 19, where it says non-resident parents can apply for ITIN, if not eligible for SSN

    I have couple of friends who have claimed like this....

    if this is the first time you are applying, then you will need to file a paper copy of your taxes and send to IRS Phily and then they will process your taxes for next year....

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