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  • admin
    03-27 11:58 AM

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  • leenakamat
    07-07 04:28 PM
    Hi Sukhpreet, are you sure the actual petition was filed and denied, or just the labor condition application (LCA) was denied? The LCA is one component of the H-1B petition; it requires a valid FEIN number, and it needs to be certified in order for the H-1B petition to be filed. Most likely, this is what has been denied because the DOL could not find/match the number. The lawyer can just refile the LCA with the appropriate IRS documentation, and it should be certified within a week. The H-1B petition can then be filed with the certified LCA.

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  • Mark101
    05-03 07:56 AM

    My situation -
    I am a homemaker on H4 since 2007. ( My husband on H1 ).
    Doing MS on H4 ( with few credits still to go )( not full time ).
    H4 is due stamping ( Already extended till 2012 ).

    Objective -
    - To be on F1, to utilize CPT / OPT.


    QUESTION - - Which one is better H4 to F1 in US via change of status - I-539 ( BUT That
    way i had to face the consulate again for F1 stamping ( Also, very few
    credits are left with my MS as in now ))
    Directly F1 Visa stamping at
    US consulate in India ( It'll be surely fast, that way i won't have to go back for stamping with very few credits left ) ?

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  • jonty_11
    06-21 05:23 PM
    You will get RFE from USCIS if u have not taken all necessary veccinations.and u will have to take them then...


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  • ekaurgcf
    06-01 08:46 PM
    Hi Folks,

    Can I travel on a valid / approved AP when my H1 Extension is in progress. This is my

    Valid AP in Hand valid till next year.
    H1B expiring 6/20/2011
    H1B extension applied on 4/7/11 have rcpt notice.

    My questions are this:

    1.) When I enter US back in with my AP in mid July will that impact my H1B extension in any way.

    2.) Without any EAD will I be Jeapordizing my AOS in any way.

    I will be continuing to work with the same employer who is the sponsor of my current

    Request your thoughts and inputs on this situation. Appreciate any replies/advices you may have.


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  • abdev
    07-14 06:34 AM
    Here is the link
    Visa Bulletin for August 2010 (http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_5092.html)


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  • Michael chertoff
    05-08 04:04 PM

    I am starting this thread for the people who are Greencard Holders and not married. Please share some thoughts for bringing their spouse here.

    IV can help in this matter.

    If all visa holders and citizens can bring their spouse instantly then why GC holder have to wait for many years after getting GC after many years.



    are you a donor?


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  • Robert Kumar
    04-03 09:32 PM
    My sister, as part of submitting documents for her fiance visa application, recently got a birth certificate. However, it doesn't have her name on it. Odd as it sounds, the municipality says that this is common practice. It just has the name of the parents.

    Is this acceptable for a fiance visa? Thanks.

    Yes, if her parents are sponsoring for his visa :)


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  • ravi2patel
    11-29 01:20 PM
    Just wanted to get some feedback whether its possible to get i-140 approved using an old approved labor ?

    - Case:EB3 ROW.
    - The company A merged with B. (may be a successor-in-interst)
    - Labor from B approved in 2005 w/pd=2005
    - Labor from A approved in 2006 w/pd=2002.
    - I-140 using 2005 LB approved with B
    - Lawyer suggests to use the A's 2002 Labor to file a new i-140 under company B. He says that as per some law the old labor is still valid until end of this year. Please advice.


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  • NYCBrown
    04-01 11:39 AM
    I am working on EAD which I received from my EB3 category(labor date - Oct, 2004). My new employer filed a new application for EB2 category in Nov, 2010, my labor got approved within 3 months and they went for the next step filing my I-140 PETITION. They attached my previous I-140( from Eb3 category) along with the new application seeking to port the old priority date. Here is the REF which they received on 23, March 2011.

    "Please provide evidence to show that the petitioner will be employing the beneficiary to fill the specific vacancy. In addition, provide a detail description of the work to be performed, including specific job duties, level of responsibility and number of hours per week of work to be performed.
    You must sumbit the requested information within 30 days from the date of this letter. Failure to do so may result in the denial of your petition"

    Please suggest. My attorney is working on this.


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  • roseball
    03-24 01:05 AM
    Since 6 months earlier he was on H1, he wont be counted in the quota....

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  • gimme Green!!
    06-17 11:18 PM
    Yes. you can file i140 and 485 concurrently



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  • brick2006
    07-07 10:57 AM
    Question 33: Do you intend to study in US?

    have a MS here..currently on 7th year H1..and currently pursuing a part time program..so should i say YES for this question?

    anyone in the same boat?

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  • raysaikat
    08-03 04:54 PM

    We filed a dependent I-485 for my wife while she is on a F1 status. She has a EAD card (but my I-140 is pending). My understanding is that once she finishes school, she will not be able to get an OPT. Does it mean that she can accept employment using the EAD even though the I-140 is not approved?

    In case my I-140 is denied, will she lose her status and would have to leave the country?

    Thanks. Yes.


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  • go_guy123
    04-07 02:15 PM
    SoCal family charged with arranging fake marriages - Yahoo! News (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_fake_marriages_immigration_fraud)

    Nothing unusual...infact just a tiny tip of an iceberg. Family based immigration including marriage constitute close to 85-90% of US new immigrants. Other avenues being tightened in recent years, we are sure to see more and more. In fact in recent years I have seen many H1Bs/F1 marrying USC.

    For every case being busted, there are many many undetected cases. It is called legal arbitrage, with other areas being tightened amd under attack and marriage based being relatively untouched, it is a matter of time that one will increase.

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  • sxk
    10-19 03:16 AM
    I am looking for a good immigration lawyer based out of chicago. I had some questions and thought I will call and talk to a lawyer. If anybody knows of any lawyer who is not expensive and is good, please let me know

    Thanks is advance


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  • what_now
    06-05 10:47 AM

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  • [uber]
    04-24 10:58 PM
    Made a few Aphex Twin stamps....




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  • nb_des
    10-11 03:53 PM
    So if I have GC do they allow me without Visa in those countries. I thought only US citizens would not require Visa.

    03-02 07:36 PM
    I have 2 I-140s

    EB3 10/10/2003
    EB2 07/06/2006

    Trying to use my EB3 date in the EB2 category

    Just spoke to an IO at TSC, She told me that the case is at a place what they call "Pending Review and final decision"

    I asked her whats the next step after this?
    IO : Hope fully will be assigne to some one

    I Asked, isn't this the place where all the cases are "Pending Review and Final decision"?
    IO: a big NO...no no..this is not the place where all the cases are, I can't provide anymore info then this, I was just being nice because you called at 3:30 pm.

    Any body who has thier case in the pool of "Pending review and final decision".

    Honestly, I think its just a general status that she told me about my 485 case.

    02-10 11:49 PM
    2 - You can work for multiple employers using EAD. Typically EAD will not have any restrictions other than how long it is valid for.

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