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  • hey.camelo
    02-07 08:12 PM
    Hi, Can some one let me know the impacts on green card if a 1099 C is issued for the forgiven debt on a credit card..

    Will plan /fix based on the answer..plz..let me know..urgent..


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  • g1FTP
    10-20 11:26 PM
    I am planning to go for visa stamping soon. This will be by 7th year extension. I have the following questions. Thanks for reading my post and for replies.

    1) Recently my title changed from "member of technical staff" to "senior member of technical staff" and I got a pay increase. But the job duties is the same. I don't think this needs H1 amendment. Does it ? I also hope that this will not affect the green card processing.

    2) This may be a dumb question. I have the approved I-797 but the online status still shows as pending. Since I know at least one USCIS database is not updated, is there a reason to suspect PIMS delay when I go for stamping ? I am planing to go for stamping in Chennai, I assume there is no way to check beforehand. Did anyone else experience the same (online status not updated) and face any delays due to PIMS.

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  • DallasBlue
    07-20 09:46 PM

    I am Vijay Vellabati, finished MS in Dec-06 and I got a job in Jul.
    I am in my OPT(Optional Practical training). I did not get to file for my H1-B.
    Can my company apply for Green card for me right now.

    Because I need to keep my status, my OPT expires in Dec-07.

    If anyone can get back to me, I would appreciate that.

    Thank you.

    Vijay Vellabati

    My email id: vellabati@yahoo.com

    Yes, green card is for future employment, your employer can apply for your greencard!!

    But usually the greencard process takes so long that it is nearly impossible to get it in a year (the time you have in OPT) so the safe bet is to apply h1b otherwise in US-Masters quota if you have one. And take it from there.

    --disclaimer am not a lawyer , seek a professional lawyers opinion.

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  • graylensman
    07-02 12:53 PM
    Coming to save penguins and glosrfc from scurvy!



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  • mojo_jojo
    03-30 11:00 PM
    My auntie is a USA Green Card holder

    her re-entry permit expired while she was out of the great usa

    what will happen now?

    Is it problematic for her to re apply for a new re entry permit?


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  • martinvisalaw
    01-15 09:29 AM
    It is possible that you could be questioned. People entering at Newark are having a lot of problems, and there are threads on this.

    PS - you should post your question in the nonimmigrant section for more answers.


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  • Comiccmadd
    07-22 05:41 AM
    lol. honestly i can see it. sorry for that here is the link :S

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  • nyckings
    10-15 12:39 PM
    When preparing docs to provide response for 221g form, I have filled DS-156 form at http://https://evisaforms.state.gov/ds156.asp. On click of Continue, it generated a PDF with randon bar code. Printed that online. And sent to docs to VFS Hyderabad officer.

    I was told that bar code is wrong, I should fill up another DS-156 form. Are they looking for DS-156 submitted at the time of interview that has HDFC receipt number as bar code.

    Please let me know if you have faced this problem earlier.

    They have retained my wife passport asked to produce to copy of current visa of husband. Can I reply to this online.

    Please reply ASAP


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  • freddyCR
    January 25th, 2005, 01:35 PM
    One step beyond..................
    (This is a real photo...no montage here )


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  • ameerka_dream
    03-29 08:11 AM


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  • number30
    03-20 03:33 PM
    My wife is laid off and her company is going to cancel her H1B soon. h1 petition is getting expired on Oct,2009. now I am going to apply for COS to h4. If she wants get H1 status after one year can she use the same petition for H1 transfer?. or she has to apply a new H1?.
    Can you please help me.

    She has to apply for COS again from H4 to H1. It will not be subjected to the cap if she had H1 within last six years at the tme applying COS to H1

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  • akhilmahajan
    07-21 11:23 AM
    is it only for physicians?
    my wife is a dentist.


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  • WhatsInaName
    09-01 10:21 AM
    My friend's company is India recently applied for his L1B visa. He is scheduled to go for stamping next week. But, another company has already premium-filed his H1B petition and is expected to hear back from the USCIS anytime now.

    Here's the question: if he gets his L1B visa first, can he later on try and get his H1B visa and enter the country with the H1 visa? Second, if he goes for H1B stamping right after his L1B stamping, will it affect the visa officer's decision in issuing a H1 visa?

    Last question: he has already spent 3 years in the US on a L1B visa. So, if he comes here on a H1B visa, will the 6-year term limit count his 3 yr. stay on L1 visa or will a new clock start when he enters on H1?

    Please chime in if anyone has done this before or has any insight on this matter.

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  • IV2007
    09-18 10:02 AM
    As the title says, can I change from AOS to CP even though my PD is not current.

    Will the consulate process my case even if the PD is not current ?

    I guess, they should depending on the number of applications at the consulate.

    Please let me know whether I should take this route.

    Well my PD is Feb 2007 (EB2) so I was thinking of this route rather than wait for endless years in this mess :(

    Thanks in Advance


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  • deecha
    03-05 12:02 AM


    I currently am on F1 Visa- OPT valid till June 2011.
    My employer will file for H1 this April.
    If my H1 is rejected for any reason, will I be eligible to work on F1 - OPT visa?


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  • joshraj
    04-08 04:44 PM
    Hi Friends,

    Starting this thread for NSC 140 applicants to track LUDs and Approvals.

    The whole purpose of this thread is to get the indication of where NSC is with the appoval process for 140.

    I hope every one who is connected to NSC for I140 application will update this thread.



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  • ramreddy
    01-03 12:24 PM
    My labor and 140 are approved. 485 is pending.
    Can I go to India and come back , say just 5 months before my PD comes current.
    e.g. the EB2 is now hanging at March 05 . My PD is at Oct 05. When it comes to around Aug 05 ...I will come back and start working.
    I have to fight some litigation there .I have my AP Documents and EAD all right .
    my Q is WILL THIS CAUSE RED FLAGS ON MY 485 APPLICATION. As long as I was in US I was employed. But I was out of US for my own personal situation.
    Please advise

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  • fall2004us
    07-09 07:08 PM
    Hello gurus,
    just wanted some help on filing for EAD (paper application) (self + spouse)
    I will be mailing the docs (UPS) to this address:
    Nebraska Service Center
    850 S. Street
    Lincoln, NE 68508-1225

    I hope this is the right address, we live in california, 2nd EAD, first EAD filed at Nebraska with the old fee. First time EAD was filed by the attorney, this time he is charging way too much.

    Along with the application I am mailing the following docs:
    1. check $340
    2. passport pages
    3. first EAD copy and receipt
    4. 485 receipt
    5. drivers license
    6. I 94
    7. copy of birth certificate
    8. copy of marriage certificate

    Does the check list cover everything or am I missing some thing. Please help gurus.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-01 04:30 PM
    Very shortly, Congress will consider legislation that could allow 60,000 foreign nurses to come to the US. We face a shortage that will approach a million by the end of the next decade. On a daily basis, the lack of nurses is a serious problem, but not so noticeable to the typical American. But what happens if we have a pandemic and all of a sudden hospitals around the country are called on to deal with hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions - of sick patients at the same time? We're getting a little preview of that right now with...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/05/are-we-playing-with-fire-when-it-comes-to-nursing-immigration.html)

    06-24 03:24 PM
    Hi, I have approved H1b through company "NewCompany" but my GC sponsoring company "GCcompany" is planning to cancel my APPROVED 140. Again, I know USCIS will do inted to deny and Yes, I have filed for 485 + it's been 180+ days but I guess the most important question of all is:-

    "Will this affect my H1B status?' Since the approval for new 3 year (extension) was based on my 140 and now this thing is under jeopardy. If I use EAD, my wife will no longer be H4 and thats a different problem- Gosh when is thind going to end?"

    02-07 07:45 AM
    Did anyone fly American from Delhi to Chicago using AP, if so can you please share your experience?


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