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  • Legion93
    Apr 8, 11:04 AM
    I've heard from AppleInsider that TRIM is long due to the macs and that Apple will enable TRIM support in Lion update...

    After I've installed an Intel x25-m G2 SSD onto my 2010 MBP 13", the benchmarks were low compared to that on Windows platform. I also noticed the Apple's own stock SSD (mostly Toshiba or Samsung) have aggressive GC, but their read/write speeds are off compared to many decent SSD's on the market, like sandforce powered OCZ Vertex 3, or intel G3.

    Funny thing is that Apple's own solid state drives has their own GC, and enables TRIM on-the-fly, as reported by Anandtech, but I wasn't very sure.

    Has anyone have any ideas if and when TRIM will be implemented on macs, since it is really needed for people with SSD's in their macs?


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  • appleguy123
    Apr 26, 11:06 PM
    That made me LOL
    like this:

    I'll be here all week :)
    On a sidenote, it wasn't really meant to be funny, it just makes trolls look stupid when they quote you, or if you forget to come back you get your point across.


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  • MacBytes
    Sep 8, 05:22 PM
    http://www.macbytes.com/images/bytessig.gif (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Category: News and Press Releases
    Link: US Courts Ruled that Online Acquired Music is Licensed and NOT Purchased (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20100908182256)
    Description:: none

    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)
    Approved by Mudbug


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  • SMM
    Jan 12, 09:49 AM
    I love macs they are so cool. I'm a little skeptical over the iPod. But that's a different matter. I know Apple are always using iThis and iThat. However I think it is a bit cheeky that they are using there legions of lawyers to steal Cisco's trademark. I know that it has the i before Phone but thousands of products exsist with the i before product names. It's only because Apple wants the name. Hypothetically if you made a computer screen and called it iScreen. Then if apple made a screen and wanted to use your name How would you feel if they took it from you due to their stronger legal forces? Not happy I presume. That is the same thing happening to Cisco. I do have an idea which could help Apple. If they want to hear it they can email me.

    What is your opinion on Cisco and Apple's dispute?

    I think it provides a whole new subject for trolling. I also think it is between Cisco and Apple.


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  • SR71
    Apr 25, 08:51 PM
    keep and enjoy it



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  • Clix Pix
    Dec 19, 12:37 PM
    I read the info about Katie Melua -- didn't play any of her music on iTunes because it was in the wee hours of the morn and didn't want to disturb my neighbors, but I'll be giving her a listen today -- and noticed that one of her songs pays homage to Eva Cassidy. Now there's a singer you should hear if you haven't already been captivated by her incredible voice! Unfortunately, her albums aren't on iTunes, you'd have to check her out at other websites -- probably you can hear portions of her songs at Amazon or Tower. Two fairly standard songs to which she gives incredible new meaning are "Danny Boy" and "Over the Rainbow." Her version of "Over the Rainbow" just blows Judy Garland right out of the water and then some. It is simply stunning.

    Eva Cassidy, sadly, is no longer with us. She died of cancer several years ago, but thankfully, her music lives on. All of Eva's albums have actually been released posthumously and for a long time she was known only to people in the DC area who frequented local jazz clubs. She had an amazing and eclectic approach to songs and did a little of eveything, from ballads to gospel to jazz "scat" tunes. Her voice was especially suited to ballads and she worked wonders with just her voice and a guitar....



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  • darkentries
    Jun 30, 01:23 AM
    I couldn't take off Thursday or Friday from work last week, so I figured I'd have to start working on my phone over the weekend. I visited two local Apple stores and got on their reservation lists. After working late Monday night, I was in no shape to get just a bit of sleep and then get up and wait in line before work, but I dropped by an AT&T store on the way there just before 8 am. They were just finishing up getting the people left in line to order for shipment to their houses. I told the employee that it's the same thing available to me today from the web site, and went to work. A co-worker told me I should try calling the Seal Beach, CA store where he purchased his 3GS. I wasn't able to get a person on the phone until 9, but she told me that they had vouchers for a shipment coming via FedEx during the day sometime, and if I came by I could get one of the last few. I took a break and raced there, and was told they were out of 16gb but I could get a 32gb phone. I agreed and gave them my account info, and they gave me a receipt and told me my phone would be here today. I got a call about two hours later stating that it was in. I went back during my lunch break and purchased the phone without a problem. It was much easier than what my brother went through, which was waiting in line at an Apple store from 3:30 am until 6 pm before he got his 16gb phone. It sounds like he actually had fun in line, but I have to be happy with getting a phone so easily from a store within 5 days of release, even if it would have been a nice birthday gift to myself had I done what he did!


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  • PurpleHeart
    Mar 24, 02:21 PM
    seriosly no Vancouver thread yet ?

    So what will it be?

    Apple store vs Best buy or Futureshop ?

    I want to go to the Apple store in Pacific centre but am afraid that I won't stand a chance unless I started lining up in the wee hours of morning

    I like the best buy line/ticket system (and I am guessing futureshop will have something similar as well? They did for boxing day)

    so where are you guys going?


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  • Joshuarocks
    Mar 19, 06:17 PM
    You have to be 18 to work there.

    If you want to survive, then just don't do part-time. Full time spots at Apple retail are extremely hard to come by.

    This is also hard to come by in all sectors of this bad job market.. the only sector of the job market remotely doing very well is HEALTH CARE.. you will always need nurses, doctors, etc... but no one needs industrial workers or customer service.. retail is a DEAD END as far as I am concerned..

    Even admin assistant jobs are on the decline. Contrary to what you hear on CORPORATE America's media news stations(THEY LIE AND BLIND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE), THE job market is not improving very much.


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  • svenr
    Apr 22, 12:51 PM
    I'm pretty good programming in PHP and Javascript, but now I need something that allows me to create simple desktop apps. Mostly it will be for automation scripts, too much for Apple Script, but not complex enough to jump into Cocoa and Objective-C. Examples: Manipulating text files (sorting, dupe line checking, adding/cutting parts, splitting/combining files etc.), uploading a file to several different FTP servers, sending POST requests to a server.

    I often hear Pearl and Python mentioned and I believe they are pre-installed on the Mac, but I don't know much about them. What's the main difference? Which one (or something else?) would be best suited for these tasks? Which one is easier to learn?

    Bonus: What's a good site to learn for someone who has general programming knowledge, but is a total noob with those languages?


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  • bigjnyc
    Mar 11, 04:07 PM
    Ok so you're obviously not at an Apple store. Best buy? Target? I can't imagine Walmart only getting 1.


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  • Crystal-RX
    Apr 29, 01:55 AM
    I bought mine from Sunsky and it has been used for about 4 weeks. No issue at all.


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  • innominato5090
    Dec 25, 11:17 AM

    should be a tought month!


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  • Kebabselector
    Mar 19, 06:39 AM
    It's a shame Lightroom isn't on the images of the machines at the Apple Store.

    as far as apple is concerned Aperture is the only only option. Thats why they don't sell LR, it's a competing product.

    Anyway, difficult question to answer. On paper the MBP looks better, but the SSD in the MBA might mean it's quicker. The biggest bottleneck for performance is the hdd, so speeding it up will help.


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  • birchest
    May 5, 02:56 AM

    Now, look who's talking, Mr. Steve Jobs.


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  • rtheb
    Apr 26, 05:06 PM
    Did you remove it from the original paired computer?

    If you did try shutting down the original paired computer and then try to pair with the new computer it should work.


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  • Mechcozmo
    Sep 27, 09:16 AM
    Yes, you can apply a password. And you can also set it so the network does not appear unless you type in the network name. Useful if you need to hide the network from someone.


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  • WardC
    Apr 28, 11:17 PM
    So when are you going to post the Buzz Aldrin up on eBay? I haven't seen it up yet and I have been looking everyday!!


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  • nicely
    Sep 8, 07:38 PM
    I wasn't expecting any...the ibooks and the powerbooks are the only expected update and they have rebates until the 25th...look for new laptops then...maybe the 26th

    Feb 21, 03:07 AM
    Looking to buy these cords off eBay for iPad;


    I am jailbroken, latest firmware, what do I need to get off Cyida to make this work?

    Mar 3, 09:23 PM
    I doubt that the iPad 2 will ship with 4.2.1 Just because the GM was released to developers today doesn't mean that apple hasn't been sitting on it for a week or two.

    We can hope though.....

    Oct 18, 03:30 PM
    Might want to try G.E.M.M. The biggest selection "on the Planet." Haven't purchased cds from them but have purchased numerous vinyl and the grading condition is spot on.

    Jan 26, 03:17 PM
    Yeah, thats pretty interesting, would be nice to hear their music.

    Jan 9, 10:07 PM
    It probably didn't sell well--first it was bundled with Final Cut Pro, and then GarageBand was based on it.

    I'm sure a future GarageBand 2 could fill Soundtrack's shoes, or they could just leave it as a component of Final Cut Pro. GB generally does MORE than soundtrack (software loops, etc.) But at present, Soundtrack DOES still have important features. Features for making... soundtracks :) Unlike GB, Soundtrack has a video track, complete with marker support, for composing music to fit the footage or animation.

    Soundtrack is probably my favorite Apple app ever--although I could switch to GB just fine I'm sure.

    Also, Soundtrack comes with many more loops than GB--and they're not software loops, they're all real recordings. A great collection. Do the GB Jam Packs include all of them? I've always assumed there was SOME overlap at least.

    (And vice versa... if I have Soundtrack, how much would I gain by getting the Jam Packs? After all, the Soundtrack loops I already have should work fine in GarageBand--so I already have a Jam Pack of sorts.) Do they still sell it with the bundled Final Cut Pack? that "in my opinion" is the 4 best apps. Final Cut Pro HD, Soundtrack, Livetype (amazing program) and Compressor.


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