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Denny Hamlin Car

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  • JML42691
    Feb 21, 06:11 PM
    Nice office Agaetis Byrjun, and you weren't lying about the wire thing, very well hidden!

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  • YS2003
    Oct 23, 04:32 PM
    If this update is for 15", it does make sense. I think 15" was the first intel Mac, followed by 17" and MB.

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  • celticpride678
    Apr 1, 10:43 AM
    Adding a printer has a new interface and you can now display a message on the screen if your screen is locked.

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  • Porchland
    Sep 8, 03:51 PM
    This sure is starting to sound like MOVIEBEAM... and who owns that???

    So, we can que up 10-12 movies we want to watch for the month and in the background my mac downloads them and then either stores them on this yet to be anounced product or onto my mac... Then this new Airport(now, available in 1-3 weeks) can then stream it to my TV. This does make a lot more sense now.

    If 88 percent ( of households have cable or satellite -- and a big chunk of those have access to PPV or on-demand new releases -- I don't understand why an iTunes movie-to-your-TV service is such a big hoopty-do.

    Unless Apple goes to a subscription-based service that essentially replaces my cable, this doesn't really give me anything I don't already have other than the ability to watch a movie on an iPod.

    I'm excited, I guess, because it's new and a different direction for Apple, but none of the rumors I've seen about what's coming next week show much "think different."

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  • wizard
    Mar 24, 01:58 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I wonder if this may imply the coming of that unicorn rider we all know and love, the 'headless mac" (aka xMac).

    Removable drives, no screen, more powerful than an iMac, 1499.99.

    That is exactly what I'm thinking! Seriously there is no need for that many GPUs in the Pro and IMac requires a custom card. So where would all of these cards go - XMac is my guess.

    Or it could simply be a sign of a unified driver from AMD. That would make sense as it is a smarter approach than the highly targeted drivers of the past.

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  • hyperpasta
    Sep 1, 02:32 PM
    I, for one, think the iMac and Mac Mini will get Merom due to their form factors, and a yet to be announced minitower will get Conroe (just ask AidenShaw).

    But that's not true! If Apple puts in Merom, I want to see it even thinner... the very same case held a G5, much more demanding than Conroe, as of last October.

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  • razzmatazz
    Sep 6, 02:34 PM
    i know this is off topic but are they ever gonna do anything about the outrageous cost of .Mac subscription?

    How is it expensive? 99$ a year is $8.25 a month...thats not bad!

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  • epicwelshman
    Aug 29, 09:27 AM
    I think Apple is more concerned with price for the Mac Mini than speed. Make them just a little bit faster than they are now, but much cheaper.

    They're too expensive in the line-up now, with merom they would stay the same price but with Yonah they can make them cheaper again.

    Oh I know. As it stands now, the base Mac Mini in Canada, even with the edu discount is almost $700 (CDN) which is ridiculous when you can get full fledged PC laptops for less than that. I know it's a Apple, and it's a Mac so you expect higher prices, but still...

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  • rmwebs
    Mar 22, 05:00 PM
    For all those saying about SSD - don't forget that after approx. 2 years of regular use, the drive is pretty much useless. read/write speeds drop off considerably as they age. As unbelievable as it may seem, SSD still has a long way to go before it can replace the hard disk drive.

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  • Herdfan
    Apr 20, 04:28 PM
    Common Upgrades

    1. Thunderbolt port
    2. HDMI out
    3. Sandybridge

    Why would they put an HDMI port on it when they can just put the TB port on and then sell an adapter? Win-win for them.

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  • joepunk
    Apr 7, 06:50 PM
    But popular culture keeps it at the forefront.

    I couldn't agree more. I think what few people realize is that in almost all aspects, WWII was not so much the Second World War, as a continuation of WWI. I

    For the US it was definitely our first bright and shining moment on the international stage and it has gained mythological status.

    Off Topic from Lybia. In some way I think WWII (or parts of it) has become a bit too mythological. Oh, and I am personally getting tired of hearing "The Greatest Generation" line getting used all the time by prominent figures in the country.

    Back On Topic.

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  • calderone
    Apr 3, 01:07 AM
    That's right (at least from my personal experience). Lion currently uses system files and services from Snow Leopard to reduce its size.

    False. DP 2 can install directly to a blank drive/partitlon.

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  • gugy
    Sep 1, 01:09 PM
    the imac now can do screen spaning up to a 23 inch monitor. it's only in the last revision.

    check near bottom

    Very nice!

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  • arn
    May 2, 04:22 PM
    I'm afraid this might be confusing for some users - Launch Pad and iOS like behavior for MAS applications and 'old' way of doing things for none MAS applications ... doesn't sound very consistent - I hope they clean that inconsistency up for the final version.

    Perhaps, though I suspect for some people, the MAS will be the only way they interact with apps on the Mac.


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  • JosiahPB
    Jul 18, 12:36 PM
    I couldn't imagine movie production companies letting first run movies be downloaded before the DVD's come out. I would much rather go see it as a social thing then watch it in my own home.

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  • DewGuy1999
    Feb 25, 02:48 PM

    ^ I Like! ^

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  • isgoed
    Aug 25, 06:47 AM
    I don't think we are going to see Core Duos in Apples for much longer, though it is possible that the base Mini will offer a Core Duo, and the better model a Core 2 Duo.

    Still, I think it much more likely that with this revision, both Minis will sport Core 2 Duos, probably Meroms to keep them quiet and lower-powered, and will feature the 965 graphics chipset which frankly is a very nice and inexpenisve graphics solution.

    What I am really hoping is that there will be an add-on base module in a similar form factor to turn any Mini into a full-blown HD/Audio media centre. Now that could really be exciting. While Tivos and Sky+ boxes are welcome in my home, we are just aching for someone to really rethink the entire home media experience. I'd love to see Apple take a shot at that.That is almost exactly what I am thinking.

    The way I see it there are two kind of people who buy the mac mini:

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  • Surely
    Nov 25, 11:12 PM
    ^^^^^Could I recommend a case for that?


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  • Nipz
    Jun 23, 06:00 AM
    This why iPad 4.0 has been delayed?

    Mar 22, 03:47 PM
    Did not say he would improve it either. :(

    Adding Bluetooth makes a lot of sense.

    Just curious, Why?

    Mar 25, 04:00 PM
    It is always about the GPU.

    Aug 6, 09:18 PM
    Oh my

    it's like christmas come early

    infact it's better

    christmas sucks, and it's cold

    WWDC is my favourite holiday :p

    you got my vote... man, i should get some sleep, need to be up at 11am.. my car has been making grinding noises, so off to see the mechanic!!

    Mar 31, 08:56 PM
    Contestual menu to "Dictionary" has been restored and is working nicely with a beautiful smooth animation... try double clicking on a word and then right click to bring up the contextual menu and then "look up in dictionary"...
    I'm glad it's working again

    Too bad the "Set desktop picture" isn't working instead... it was in previous build, but ain't in this... anyone has a fix for it?

    Jan 1, 11:16 PM
    I want new displays & new airport extreme.

    Just this weekend, I went to my local apple store. I was extremely close to purchasing a 23" lcd display and the airport express. But then my sub-conscience voice started to talk to me and advised me to wait just 1 more week, to see what apple will offer. I cant wait for this event to roll around
    and get no sleep in anticipation of what will be released it happens every year.

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