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  • mkrishnan
    Aug 29, 01:55 PM
    Yes, I can confirm that it does what you describe in Safari and DPA2 on my computer. But... did you try putting in the type="audio/x-mp3" in the tag? I didn't see that in the source code as it is now.


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  • qawes
    Oct 16, 11:19 AM
    Yes, If you want you can make a folder entitled 'wallpapers', place it wherever you want and add it to the Desktop & Screensaver setting box using the '+' option in the lower left.

    Another way you can set a wallpaper is to open an image with Safari, and set it from here as a desktop backround.

    Be sure you haven't checked the 'Change picture every..' box, but a wallpaper changing by itself never happened to me.


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  • wordmunger
    Sep 23, 01:18 PM
    Where *is* the U.S. refurb store, anyway? Didn't there used to be a link on the front page of the Apple store?


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  • twoodcc
    Oct 21, 09:19 PM
    yeah that's way over my head. not really sure what to tell you. i kinda tried to do it earlier this fall, with no luck either


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  • OceanView
    Apr 28, 05:47 PM
    No only bb 01.59.00 can be unlocked.
    Or use a gevey like the dude said.

    Any new info on unlock for BB 04.10.01 ?
    Seems like it's overdue


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  • miles01110
    Mar 24, 02:04 PM


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  • Posted on 02 January 2011

  • maflynn
    Mar 28, 06:00 AM
    You realize that putting all your money in one stock increases the risk of losing some of your investment.

    With apple stock at an all time high, its hard to fathom that you could make a decent return on that. There are other investment instruments that may provide a better return on your money.


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  • january 2011 calendar.

  • gkarris
    Mar 18, 01:15 PM
    How can you tell I'm bored today... :)

    Maybe you need to get out (from this forum) more?


    enjoy... ;)


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  • benhollberg
    Apr 15, 09:18 AM
    What size is that, it looks like 15"? Also can you get anything else in there or just the Mac?


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  • Phat_Pat
    Jan 10, 09:04 PM
    ohh i remember someone else having this.... if i remember right its just a weird glitch in the sytem...

    try restarting


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  • HE15MAN
    Feb 17, 07:34 PM
    What was historic about it ?


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  • Hemingray
    Oct 2, 12:44 PM
    Originally posted by Sun Baked
    The new one has some improvements in internal layout, cooling, and expandability.

    I wouldn't personally call the vertical mounting of hard drives and a goliath-sized heatsink an improvement...


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  • Kasalic
    Mar 31, 02:33 AM
    Can anyone give me the right amount to partition off for Windows XP+Games+Bootcamp?
    Thanks in advance,

    Simple answer - No we can't.

    Longer answer - Only you know how many games you will be wanting to install on XP, similar to the above poster, I only play one game which requires Windows, so I set mine to 40GB, which was enough for OS and the game.

    One piece of advice I would give you is to partition your drive into 3, one for Mac OS, one for Windows and a third 'spare' partition. THat way if you find yourself running out of space on either Mac or Windows you can format the 'spare' partition appropriately, or even split the spare into two.


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  • anmoldagreat
    Jul 9, 02:46 PM
    2407 is M-PVA only.

    thanks i later found that out too
    i dont get why manufacturers hide this info


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  • Hastings101
    Apr 9, 11:58 PM
    Something is up on your end, Parallels six is working fine on my iMac i3 with only 4GB of ram, and your macbook pro is way more powerful. Maybe you need to increase the resources you're giving to the virtual machines?


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  • chrisbetty
    May 5, 09:37 AM
    Airplay, yes.
    Home sharing streaming to the phone from iTunes, no. That needs 4.3.x.
    Come on Apple, get a move on!! :mad:

    That's what I want is the home sharing I have no use for airplay right now.


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  • bc008
    Jul 1, 04:26 PM
    very interested.

    pictures please?


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  • Matthew Yohe
    Dec 18, 08:50 PM
    I plan to meet, I'm 24

    but of note:

    The specialty program "A Day at the Office: Microsoft Office 2008" will be ending with a panel session with the MacBU group at 6:30 on Monday and I will be attending... I assume no one else here will have this problem, but just saying.


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  • TheSlush
    Aug 12, 09:38 AM
    Hmm... an Apple website replaced by a section on iTunes... this is obviously proof that Apple intends to pull the entire World Wide Web into iTunes and create a walled garden where the entire internet is controlled by THEM, MUHAHAHA!

    Apr 20, 08:15 PM
    Hello, All!

    I use iMovie 11 to combine basketball videos.

    At each game, I have two video cameras -- one following action on the court, one zoomed in on the scoreboard. I then use PIP in iMovie 11 to superimpose the scoreboard on the basketball action.

    How can I change the default size/location of Picture In Picture in iMovie 11?

    Every single time I superimpose, I have to move and resize the PIP. I always make it the same size.

    Can someone please tell me how to change the default Picture in Picture size/location?


    Mar 19, 03:58 AM
    I'm using LR3 on a SR Macbook Pro 2.2 with 4GB RAM (2007 version,) and it is really very acceptable. I am processing files from my D300, so they're a bit smaller than yours, and I can't compare my experience to your Macbook, but you should have no problem running LR on any newer Macbook Pro, probably even the Air, as long as you have enough RAM. The issue for me would be screen size, and the 15.4" screen seems just about right for laptop use where it doesn't seem too crowded. The one thing that seems to take a bit of processing power is when importing images, even just adding them to the library without copying them, because LR renders thumbnails of each image. This seems to put a bit of a load on processing if there are a few hundred of them. Another thing that can eat processor cycles is exporting slideshows w/music into video... but that's probably not exclusively a LR issue.

    Apr 19, 10:46 AM
    A big problem with the big megapixels is the amount of storage they take on your phone. You cannot adjust the megapixel size down with a phone camera like you can with a point & shoot camera.

    I think you can adjust the resolution on Windows Phone 7.

    Pretty much every phone I've had has has adjustable resolution settings.

    Gators Fan
    Oct 17, 04:44 PM
    . . . Apple store in the International Plaza, second floor near Dillard's.



    Mar 2, 10:02 AM
    This server has always had a static ip and is assigned by my provider as 1 of a block of 5. I don't use the wake on lan and don't allow sleep. It should always be running and always on the static I assigned from my block. It also had not restarted in the middle of the night because the server stats showed it had been up for 44 days. The only change I had made in the past month was turning on airport and set it to join an already active network. I can understand now that there may have been a conflict in the dhcp between a couple of machines but would that have affected the server which has a static number assigned to it? It didn't affect the mail or web server in any way. Just caused the apple tv's and the local machines to forget where the media was since the path they had didn't exist anymore.

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